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Bedtime Routine with a Toddler & a Baby.

One of the most asked questions I have ever had is “Can you share your bedtime routine?” so I thought why not, lets see if ours are similar. My girls are nearly 2 and 5 months old and we have…

How we ditched the dummy – aged 2!

Yay!!!! After nearly 3 years of the dummy we have finally ditched it. Alyssias been 2 weeks without her dummy now and I am SO proud of her. She was attached to it and has used it as a comfort…


I'm Zoe, Mother of a girl gang. Lover of fresh flowers, an empty washing basket & 5 minutes of peace.. not a coffee drinker but partial to a hot chocolate and a packet of custard creams. Winging motherhood to the best of my ability with my two girls in tow.

Business enquiries: zoe@mummyandlissblog.com


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How To Organise A House Party in the UK

Organising and hosting a house party is quite a big responsibility, first you’ve got to work out where you’re going to have it. Is your house big enough? Is there going to be enough space or do you need to…

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Why Buying a Second Hand Car is the better option..

When you have young children it isn’t worth having a really nice flashy car because it will get messy very quickly. Not only that but buying a new car is expensive and realistically a lot of us can’t afford to…

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Valentines Gift Ideas 2019

Valentines day creeps up on me every year and I am never prepared. I’m very much a last minute shopper and usually order something the week before in hope that it will arrive in time.. But I am looking forward…

Top Anniversary ideas for Her

They say time flies when we’re having fun, and especially when you’re with the one you adore. As the years pass by, you might find your anniversaries sneaking up on you, often ending up buying her a bunch of flowers…


Making your conservatory into a playroom

We’ve been looking at houses and are hoping to be able to buy, one day.. we saw a 4 bedroom house which is local to us and in a great location accessible to work. I know it won’t be up…


5 Indoor Gardening Ideas for Toddlers

As most of you know, we live in flats so we don’t have a garden. We do have a small communal court yard but there’s not much we can do with the space so I thought I’d give you some…

How to Fix Your Boiler in the Winter

Have you too been poorly with the dreaded winter bugs? I feel like everybody around me is poorly at the minute, I always seem to catch something this time of year. It doesn’t help that it has been so cold…

Easy Ways To Save Money for A House in 2019

For many of us, this year is all about goals and making them happen. One of ours was to save enough money to move house, but it got us thinking about the costs of moving and what we would really…

Isabelles 4 Month Update

Oh Isabelle. 4 months already, where has the time gone? It only feels like yesterday that we were being induced and awaiting your arrival. This past month has been a big one, we celebrated your first Christmas, you learnt to…

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