10 Baby Names I LOVE but wont be using..

10 Baby Names I LOVE but wont be using..

So this tag has been going around the blogging/vlogging world for quite a while now, so I’m a bit late to the party. However, I have wanted to do this tag for a while and the majority of you voted for this over on my twitter poll a few weeks ago so here goes:

5 Baby Girl names that I LOVE but wont be using:

  1. Poppy – I have loved this name ever since I was little, but my partner didn’t like it.
  2. Sophia – I LOVE this name, always have and probably always will. This was the name that my grandma wanted my mum to use with me when I born but my mum chose a much simpler name so it was easier for me to spell haha, I love her thinking. The reason we wouldn’t ever use this name is because we know a little girl called “Sophia” and she is so naughty haha.
  3. Lily – When choosing baby names when I was pregnant with Alyssia, one of the names were “Lily Anne Alexis” but my cousin who was also pregnant at the same time named her baby “Lillyanna-Alexis” which is crazy because we had both come up with pretty much the same name without even talking about it, therefore i didn’t use it. My Niece through my partner has Lily as a middle name which is another reason why we wouldn’t use it & I also know quite a few lily’s.
  4. Grace – LOVE this name, my bestfriend from secondary school was called Grace and my daughters middle name is Grace after her this is why we wouldn’t use it as a first name now, however i do sometimes wish that i had called Alyssia ‘Grace’ but i feel it fits perfectly with her first name.
  5. Sienna – Love this name, I think its adorable however my partner is not so keen & its quite popular now.


5 Baby Boy names that I LOVE but wont be using:

  1. Leon – Have always loved this name but my mum used to look after a little boy called Leon, and my little brother is called Leo so with the names being so close together it just wouldn’t work.
  2. Theo – Another lovely name but again, its too similar to my brothers name, Leo.
  3. Tyler – Love this name but know a Tyler & feel like this name is quite common now too.
  4. Ashton – This is actually a name that we chose as a second choice of boys names during my pregnancy with Alyssia, but because that was a ‘possible choice’ we wouldn’t use it in the future if that makes sense.
  5. Bentley – LOVE this name, but I do honestly feel like with it being a Car and our babies surname being Cooper, it just wouldn’t work haha.


Do you have any names that you LOVE but wont be using? Tell me why..


I tag anybody who hasn’t done this tag to do it if you’d like to, tag me when you’ve done it – I would love to see. 


Thanks for reading,

Zoe x



  1. Susan Wood
    June 12, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    You picked the perfect name for Alyssia, it is a beautiful name for a beautiful little girlx

  2. Kirstie
    June 13, 2017 / 7:59 am

    How strange that you and Lindz came up with pretty much exactly the same name, miles apart! It is a cute name though. Your daughters name is lovely x

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