10 little things that make me happy 

10 little things that make me happy 

Life can be pretty tough at times, and sometimes we forget the little things in life that make us happy. 

This post was inspired by the lovely Maisie. She tagged a few other bloggers to do this tag & also tagged anybody who hasn’t already taken part so here are 10 little things that make me happy..

1) My daughter – a bit of an obvious one but to be more specific.. her giggle.. she has the most contagious laugh ever!! Im not biased I swear, she just makes my heart melt!!

2) Cuddles from my toddler – If your baby is now a toddler, you will probably know that you’re less likely to get as many cuddles now.. so when she does come and give me a cuddle, it means everything..

3) Blogging – I cannot get over how much blogging has made me feel better about myself, sitting down and writing a blog post when Alyssia has gone to bed is my all time favourite thing to do at the minute, don’t get me wrong.. blogging can be stressful at times but overall it makes me feel calm & relaxed. It’s a way I can release some of my feelings and write about my life without letting it all build up inside, it’s time for me and when you become a parent.. ‘me time’ becomes pretty rare..

4) Lists – If you know me well, you’ll know that I have lists for absoultely everything, sometimes I even write a list telling me to write a list (honestly I am awful). But since having a baby, I am so forgetful – If I don’t write things down I will forget!

5) An empty washing basket – (such a mum thing to say, I know) but honestly.. it feels so good to have an empty washing basket, there’s nothing worse than feeling snowed under with the washing.

6) Candles – I am a big candle lover, I always have been and i really don’t know why.. maybe it’s the satisfaction of them burning until they just disappear into nothing? (depressing) or maybe it’s just because they’re pretty? Dunno, I just love them! Candles in the winter are the best, lighting a candle and getting your pjs on has got to be one of the best ways to start your evening, I think so anyway..

7) Fresh flowers – We all love fresh flowers, right? Usually I have to buy them myself but this week Rob actually bought me a bunch (even if I did ask for them – shhh).

8) When they finally fix it – yep so when you’ve asked your partner 1000 times to fix something around the house and you finally give up asking (most men probably aim for this so they don’t have to do it) but when they actually finally bloody DO IT! Wooohooo!

9) Zoflora – I couldn’t really write this post without including it, I use it nearly every day and the feeling I get when I have zoflora’d the whole house, blitzed the kitchen and wiped everything down a million times… is amazing! I am a massive zoflora fan now thanks to social media!

10) Peeing in peace – oh it’s the little things in life, right? If you are a parent, you will probably (scrap that) you will DEFINITELY know what it’s like to not be able to pee alone.. so when your baby naps and you actually get a chance to lock yourself in the bathroom and pee… ALL BY YOURSELF – it feels like heaven!!

After all, it is the little things.. right?


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