10 Top Features of a Smart Home

Times are changing and technology is improving by the day. Certas Energy have created the below infographic to show you all the parts of the home where you can add a smart element and help others understand why they should consider bringing it into their lives.

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the Amazon Alexa, or the Google Home Assistant, they are both very popular now. If you don’t know anything about them, they are smart speaking devices that respond to verbal commands. E.g “Alexa, play baby shark!” Alexa will then play the baby shark song for you. They are very clever pieces of technology and I am still yet to get one. I might add it to my Christmas list. Smart thermostats are next on the list, you connect your thermostat to the internet and can control the heating by an app on your phone. I believe you can also do this when out of the house so you can flick the heating on ready for when you get home. Next up we have the Smart Heating Oil Monitors, which is a monitor in your heating tank that connects to an app and tells you how much fuel you have left. This technology can also automatically arrange delivery when the oil level gets low making it easier for you. This would be great for the elderly in my opinion.

Next on the list is the Smart Lock, I’ve not heard of these before but can already see that they’d be a good idea if you had the funds. It is an internet-connected lock that allows you to control access to your home through your phone. Next we have the Smart Doorbell, a device that uses WiFi to stream live videos of guests arriving at your home through your phone. I absolutely love this, we live in a flat and although we have a buzzer with an intercom it would be much better if you could see who it was before letting them into the building. Smart Lights are next up on the list, I think these are pretty cool. You can control these via voice command with your home hub or by the press of the button on an app. Next up is the smart security camera system, a smart camera that allows you to view whats going on in your home while you’re out.

Next up are smart plugs, I love the idea of this. They are connected to the internet and controlled again by an app. It allows you to turn appliances on and off and can help you lower your energy bills. I must admit, we are awful for leaving plugs on when we don’t need to. Next up we have Smart smoke detectors, they don’t just inform you of a fire by sound but they also send a notification to your phone so that you know whereever you are. Last but least we have the Robotic Vacuum, I would love one of these. It would save you so much time and effort. It is said that not only will this bring convenience into lives, smart meters are a must for all homes by 2024. They help us monitor our energy levels and hopefully as a result will help us reduce our carbon output. I’d love to know if any of you already use smart technology within your home – I think the Smart Speakers will probably be the most popular. #TopSmartHomeFeatures

*this is a collaborative post.

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