16 week update & a new spring blouse!

I am well and truly in my second trimester now calling in at 16 weeks (4 months) pregnant. I am so happy to say that I am finally starting to feel a little bit better, my first trimester wasn’t exactly an easy ride and I have been struck with horrible morning sickness but its finally going and I am slowly but surely getting my appetite back, I’m not craving anything in particular but fruit has been a big want of mine this week especially fresh pineapple which is weird as I remember craving fruit quite badly with Alyssia too. I’ve been sleeping much better, I’m no longer feeling the need to nap in the day which is nice but I am finding that I’m in bed and asleep by 10.30 most nights. I have been feeling baby move since 13 weeks which I think is incredible, up until 15 weeks I could only feel little wiggles but over the past week I’ve felt real baby kicks.. kicks that have made me stop in my tracks because I’m just not expecting them.

Baby is growing rapidly by the day and I am starting to get a little bump. My clothes are definetely starting to feel tight on me, so I decided it was time to treat myself to some new maternity clothes, I still have a few things left from when I was pregnant with Alyssia but only the odd pair of jeans & a few plain tops. When I came across PinkBlush, I was excited to finally get myself some cute maternity clothes, it took me a while to choose what I wanted, there were so many lovely pieces to choose from. However I decided to play it safe and went with this gorgeous crisscross maternity blouse in Ivory, I figured this would be a lovely blouse to wear at Easter, its perfect for Spring.

I absolutely love this blouse, before having Alyssia I used to have style (believe it or not) but since becoming a mum I’ve really lost my way with fashion. This blouse has been designed so that you can wear it before, during and after your pregnancy which I think is amazing! I’m really looking forward to wearing this during the summer and also looking forward to getting that mama style back.

Here are a few photos that Rob managed to take of me in the blouse.. (he’s not the best photographer but let’s go with it).. ?

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