20 Months of CMPA

20 Months of CMPA

If you’ve read my blog for a long time you will know that Alyssia has suffered with CMPA since she was 3 months old. For those of you that don’t know, CMPA is a Cows Milk Protein Allergy where quite frankly you are allergic to the proteins in the milk. I wrote a post about our experience with CMPA back in March and I felt like I was at a little bit of a loose end, I didn’t know if this was a permanent allergy or if it was just temporary and we ended up being referred to a dietitian who basically taught me what to do, how to go about it & all the ins and outs of CMPA. I learnt a lot from this lady in the short few hours we spent together & I am so so glad I pushed to get some support. Being a new mum is scary enough as it is but when your baby wont stop screaming and they have rashes & are constantly poorly, it can be pretty scary not knowing what’s wrong. One thing I have learn’t is to call the doctor regardless, who cares if you’ve called 3 times this week, it’s better to be safe than sorry and it is their job to help you after all.
I could go on forever talking about how I was turned away & told I was worrying over nothing for months before we got a diagnosis but I spoke about that in my last post and this post is supposed to be positive. So here goes, finally.. finally after 20 months of CMPA I think *touch wood* that we are growing out of the allergy. I never thought this would happen, honestly.. I thought I would have to check the ingredients on packets forever but it seems like we are making progress. The dietitian advised us to try Alyssia on dairy every 3 months if she reacts starting off small. Each time we tried her on just one biscuit or the tiniest amount, she would react almost instantly. Her eyes would go puffy and swollen, her face would be red & blotchy, she would become hot & sweaty as if she’s got a fever and her nappies.. oh lets not even talk about her nappies. The last time she reacted was a 3 months ago on the tiniest vanilla biscuit, who’d have known its possible to even react after one bite? But it was, she just couldn’t handle it. But here we are 3 months later & she is absolutely fine. As if by magic, she can have dairy for the first time ever.. what even is this?

Alyssia got hold of my chocolates the other week & had one in her mouth, I panicked & took it away straight away. She didn’t eat it all but it was all round her face and she had had definetely had a little bit, chocolate is full of milk.. surely she was going to react? She didn’t. A few days later she had some toast with normal butter on in Sainsburys Cafe, good old sainsburys – no reaction. What’s happening? We tried her on dairy that has been cooked, so in cakes & in pastries etc to start off with until we were having pizza for dinner & she kept asking for some. I’ve always made her an alternative but it was a last minute idea & I hadn’t got anything in to make her a goats cheese one so me & rob agreed that she could have 1 slice and I was prepared if she reacted & was poorly for the weekend.. my anxiety was through the roof.. I watched her with every bite constantly checking for symptoms but there was none & I tell you what, I have never seen her scoff her dinner so fast – she loved it!

If you’re a CMPA mum you will totally know what it’s like but I felt so overwhelmed and did actually have a little cry in the evening, my baby is eating normally, like everyone else? This is all I have ever wanted, I didn’t want her to grow up having to eat differently to every one else which is why I always give her the same as us if I can. I didn’t want to jinx it and left it a few days before trying anything else, just in case. The next thing we tried was just cheese cubes with her lunch, no reaction & a few days later I bought some fromage frais from Sainsburys. I was so excited to get them, I picked up the peppa pig ones so that she knew it was a treat. Yoghurt pots that are the right size, usually we have to buy a pack of 4 big alpro soya yoghurts and it goes to waste because she can’t always eat it all, it felt amazing to pick up children’s yoghurts & not have to pay so much either. Alyssia was so excited to eat her peppa pig yoghurt & again, she didn’t react.

I never thought we would get through this & I thought that CMPA would always be a problem but it seems to be going away. I am so so proud of Alyssia and how far she has come & I am so happy that she is getting better. Its still early days & I really don’t want her to overdo it so I am only letting her have a small amount of dairy to start with but I am super excited (and anxious) to try her on her first bottle of cows milk. I think I’ll start by using it with her weetabix at first and then build her up but I am so happy to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel & if you are a CMPA parent, keep going because it’s totally worth it.



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