22 weeks pregnant & feeling it

I can’t believe I’m 22 weeks pregnant already, it seems to be absolutely flying by but at the same time I’m really starting to feel pregnant now, I’ve definetely got a bump and everything is just getting that little bit harder. I have been rubbish with keeping you all up to date with how my pregnancy is going and I thought it was about time I wrote a little update.

How big is baby girl at 22 weeks?

22 weeks, baby is the size of a big coconut, with an average length of 11 inches and weighs about 1lb.

Pregnancy Symptoms at 22 weeks

– Stretch Marks
– Outtie Belly Button (the oddest thing ever!)
– Back ache & Sciatica
– Braxton Hicks
– Always out of Breathe.
– Very thirsty – give me all the iced water.

How am I feeling?

Weight Gain is definetely on my mind this week as I have found myself craving all sorts of different foods particularly chicken burgers.. not the most ideal craving but it’s all good if you cram in the salad right? However I am also really enjoying fruit and yoghurts at the minute so that’s a win. I’ve been extremely hormonal over the past week and have found myself getting snappy or having a bit of a meltdown over the smallest of things.. none of my clothes fit and I’ve been feeling rather frumpy in this hot weather so I had a little cry, grabbed my bank card and off I went to go and buy a few basic dresses that actually fit. I’m finding myself getting out of breathe very easily and can’t get enough of the iced water. On the plus side, I am feeling more confident.. I feel like I have more get up and go and have been really enjoying our days out together as a family.

Hows baby?

All good as far as I know.. It’s hard going so long between midwife appointments but now that I can feel her it is so much better and I feel like I would know if something was wrong. There is a lot of great information online, I know google isn’t always the best and you shouldn’t always google symptoms but there are some good websites on there too, speaking of which.. have you heard about the new pregnancy without taboo website called Pregged, its full of great information and has stuff on there for everyone including the dads. Baby girl is a little gymnast from what it seems, always kicking me just as I get into bed to relax and was a little madam when we went for our scan a few weeks ago. I’m really looking forward to meeting her and am forever wondering if she’ll be anything like her big sister.

Have we bought anything yet?

Yes, the baby buying mission has begun.. finally! I didn’t actually purchase a single thing for this baby until I was 20 weeks and we had found out that she was a little girl, completely different to last time where we were practically buying from the moment we found out. Our first baby buys have been mainly clothes, but I have also now got a changing bag and baby bouncer for her in which I can’t wait to use. If you have me on instagram you’ll know that I’ve been searching high and low through Ebay for the bargains and have managed to get myself a few decent bits including a bundle of 20 next sleepsuits, 5 vests & 5 hats all in good condition for ยฃ6, I also managed to get 2 M&S cardigans (again in great condition) for ยฃ4.50 saving myself quite a lot of money. (Tip: search for your wanted item, filter it down to ending soonest & set the buying option as ‘auction’ this way you can grab the bargains at the last minute). I’ve also been shopping in the half price sales and have found it’s really worth doing.

We’ve started on the Nursery!

I said in my last pregnancy post that I didn’t think the nursery was a priority and that it could wait until after baby girl had arrived as she wont be in there until shes 6 months anyway… but you guessed it.. I changed my mind. After receiving our prints for the girls bedroom, I just couldn’t wait to get started and we spent our bank holiday weekend painting over the bright pink walls with the colour white, it’s now finally done and the prints are up.. I have a few more bits that I want to buy before I share it with you all but I am so happy that its finally been started and feel like it’s one less thing I need to worry about.

This was my bump at 21 weeks:

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  • As ever very interesting post, you are a brilliant mum, Zoe, cant wait to see how you and Robert have decorated the “girls room”. Love you loadsxxx

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