25 Ways You Know You’re the Mother of a Toddler

25 Ways You Know You’re the Mother of a Toddler
You know you’re the mother of a toddler when…


  •  You wrestle a wriggling toddler at the checkout whilst unloading the groceries, packing them into bags and paying for it all without batting an eyelid – Boo & Roo



  • You end up taking them on the school run in a pram with no shoes, hat or coat and feeling like a terrible mum, but you’ve just spent 45 minutes trying to get them on them and they’ve taken them off as soon as you managed to get them on – Lylia Rose


  • You find yourself open packs of food in the supermarket to keep them quiet & then constantly reminding yourself to pay for it – Sophie’s Nursery 


  • Peppa pig is your recommended video on YouTube – Mommy & Rory


  • The moment I realised I had absolutely nothing that I could do alone any more – I’m A Mum


  • You don’t get to finish your own food, because your toddler wants to ‘try it – Emily & Indiana


  • You know you’re a mother of a toddler when you enjoy the silence between shutting the car door on them and then opening the drivers door. Seriously that moment is my bliss – Thrifty Mum



  • When every toy box is emptied before most people (without children) have even taken their morning shower…and you decide there is absolutely zero point in tidying it up until they go to sleep – Arthur Wears


  • You’ve got Mr Tumble on the television and you’re the only one watching it… – The Mighty Duxburys 


  • When you take him to the park or to play somewhere & he wants to follow the bigger kids and you can’t catch up with him or he’s playing with and eating the twigs at the park haha! Also, steals stuff out of your bag til he finds the food and eats it all. – Dear Mummy Bear 



  • You get excited over new episodes of peppa pig so that you are actually watching one you haven’t seen 400 times. – My Girls And Me


  • You ask 3 times for her to put her shoes on. And she proceeds to do anything but. Then we get out the door and she instantly realises she has no shoes on. – My Family of Roses 


  • When You end up walking round Tesco with a half eaten banana while trying to avoid the sweets aisle – Country Heart & Home.


  • You haven’t listened to the radio in years. It’s either Disney CD/ nursery rhymes on repeat in our car. – Twinderelmo


  • Your every response is ‘Excellent’ I’ve done a poo Mummy.. Excellent. I’ve drew all over the wall Mummy. Excellent! I’ve drew on my Willie. Excellent!!! – Kerry Shaw Mummy Of Four 


  • You are interested and enthusiastic about everything. “Dada, I jump” “Dada, me eat nom nom” “Me have boo boos, look!” “Oh, that’s good. Oh, clever boy!!” – The Habitual Blogger 


  • You spend ages tidying up but within 5 seconds, the room is untidy again. – Dilly Drops 


  • When going for a wee by yourself becomes “me time”! If you get that lucky, of course! – Lukeosaurus


  • Your walks are determined by the direction your toddler wants to go – Wee Ohana


  • Your feeding them and they stick fingers in your mouth and nose. scratch your chest, slap your head.. all whisky wriggling.. you get the gist! – All Things Amy


  • When you get fed up of the word ‘no’ – Mummy Cat 


  • You know you’re a mum to a toddler when the answer to every sentence is ‘whyyyy?! – Babies and Beauty


So there we have it, 25 ways you know you’re a mum to a toddler.


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  1. Susan Wood
    June 25, 2017 / 3:50 pm

    The wonderful world of being a mother, and what a job they have and do it so well . Hahahahahahax

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