4 Tips For Creating a Fun Bedroom For Your Child

4 Tips For Creating a Fun Bedroom For Your Child

It’s not easy creating a room for your child. You’re bound by some conditions of practicality, and it needs to be a safe space, too. But while these things are rightly important, it’s essential that you don’t lose sight of the fun aspect of a child’s bedroom. This is one of few times in their life when they won’t need to be bound by convention; they can have anything in their bedroom! So when it comes to putting together your child’s room, make sure you’re upping the fun levels. They’ll love it!


Add the Colour

Forget stylish decor when it comes to your child’s bedroom. Their room should be a mish-mash of colour, art, fuzzy animals, and everything else. You can achieve this goal in a few ways. You can simply paint each wall a different colour, or you can get creative and find a wallpaper that makes the room a fun place to be. What child wouldn’t want to have a cartoon zoo or moon and astronauts on their walls? It’s a bit off the wall, but that’s more than OK when they’re at this age!

Get Creative With Essentials

Of course, you’re going to have some bedroom essentials in the room. It wouldn’t be a bedroom without a bed, wardrobe, and so on. But these don’t have to be purely functional; they can be fun! There are children’s wardrobes that look like a beach hut or a London red telephone box, for example. These take an essential part of the bedroom and make them more fun! If you look hard enough, you’ll soon see that there are more enjoyable alternatives for every aspect of the room.

Fun Light Fixtures

There are no rules when it comes to lighting. If it comes think bright, then that’s all there is to it! When it comes to your child’s room, look at adding those light fixtures that are slightly different from the standard options. You can add an alphabet light fixture, which will enable them to see AND learn at the same time or add a side lamp that projects the constellations onto the wall at night.


Cosy Reading Corner

If your child is a little bit older, then look at feeding their intelligent side by adding a cosy reading corner. Fill it with pillows and teddies, and have all of their favourite books nearby. You can read to them, or they can take upon themselves! If they’re going to learn, then let them also play. The room can have a play corner, one in which they’re able to play to their heart’s content, without fear of causing too much mess.


Final Thoughts

Your child has an active mind. Instead of giving them a bedroom that looks like everyone else’s bedroom, make it a fun place to be. You’ll be feeding their imagination, making them more creative, and giving them space for them to be themselves completely. And hey, you might just have fun coming up with all the ideas for the room, too.

*this is a collaborative post.

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