5 Birthday Presents to buy a 2 year old

Now that A’s birthday has been and gone, I figured I would put together a little gift guide of what she enjoys most out of her presents, in hope that this would give others some inspiration as to what to get their little ones. I had decided months ago that I wanted to get Alyssia a wooden toy kitchen for her birthday knowing that she would love it, little did I know how stressful it would be to build the damn thing but despite all the time and effort that went into building it, she does love it and I am glad that we bought it for her.

Wooden KitchenThis is quite an expensive present, it cost us £150 from Wayfair, but as you can imagine she plays with it every single day. It’s great quality & I would definetely recommend it especially if your little one enjoys drawing as it comes with chalk board doors.

Doctors Set One thing Alyssia is really loving at the minute is dressing up and role play, ever since she got this doctors set for her birthday she has been checking everyone’s temperatures, checking for heartbeats and running round with her silly doctors coat and glasses on. Even though it’s plastic and plastic toys do tend to get broken easily, this is really good quality and comes in a doctors box which you can pack it all away in safely. It also has a light up xray machine and the stethoscope actually makes the sound of a heartbeat which is pretty cool.

Lego Duplo I never thought that Alyssia would be that interested in Duplo, she’s always been one to knock down the towers I build and destroy everything I make but this past week she has absolutely loved getting the duplo out and using her imagination to build different things. We got her the Lego Duplo train in the Tesco sale last year and kept it back for her until now and my mum got her a few little animal and vegetable sets, they are all compatible so she just builds random things but I love it and I really enjoy watching her put them all together.

Number & Colour books – I’ve been wanting to teach Alyssia her numbers and colours for ages, we’ve just about conquered the animals but she’s still not sure on the others. Until now, I’ve not pushed it much at all and she will repeat the colours if I tell her what they are. I could never seem to find a book that was appropriate for her age group and for this reason I think its been quite hard to teach her, however she was bought a ‘Colours’ book for her birthday and she absolutely loves it, as do I. Not only does it have the colours in it, but it has all different types of items and every colour has a double page full of different things. I found the other book to this collection which was the numbers book for just £2.99 in Lidl. I would definetely recommend.

Colouring Books & Crayola Twistables A cheap and cheerful gift that my 2 year old absolutely loves. The twistable crayons are really good and don’t break therefore you’re not buying new ones or finding snapped crayons every 2 seconds. I sit Alyssia down with the colouring book & crayons on rainy days and when she’s bored and just needs that quietening down time. It’s also another good way to teach her the names of the colours.

If I’m honest, I don’t feel like we went mad with presents this year. Obviously her main present was the kitchen but we only got her a few bits on the side, with her only being little she’s still quite oblivious and is happy with whatever she receives so if you’re feeling a little bit like you’ve not bought them enough, don’t worry because they will love it all regardless. I would definetely recommend checking out the toy sales throughout the year, as I said we bought the Duplo train set in the Tesco sale for just £3 and kept it back for her birthday and she is obsessed with it.

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