5 things I do before I set off on a Day out / Long Car Journey

5 things I do before I set off on a Day out / Long Car Journey

Clear out the car

I’m sure we’re all guilty of it.. and that’s leaving rubbish in the car, whether it be the odd fruit shoot bottle or an empty packet of crisps. Before going on a long journey or a day out, I like to clear my car out. I don’t know why but I find it quite satisfying. I’m sure my neighbours have seen me and they probably think I’m mad, but I go out to my car with two Tesco carrier bags, I fill one bag with rubbish and one bag with things I no longer need in the car but need to take inside for example old mail or the odd jumper that we’ve left in the car and forgotten about.

Pack things to keep the kids entertained

I usually try and keep at least some toys in the car to keep my toddler entertained but sometimes I’ll let her choose her own toy to take with her. I’m sure it makes her feel that little bit more privileged and keeps her entertained for that while longer. Also my biggest parenting tip would be to take snacks, all the snacks.. I’ve had to bribe my toddler with an apple a few times just to get her in her car seat and I have absolutely no shame.

Take a bottle of water

Always try and carry a spare bottle of water just in case you run out. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a back lane in the middle of nowhere after your Satnav has taken you down a back lane to then seeing the dreaded engine light come on at your dashboard. Not exactly ideal.. especially with a toddler in tow and especially if you’ve not packed enough snacks ^ see above.

Check under the bonnet

Now I’m not a mechanic and I would have no idea how to change a tyre (that’s probably something I should learn) but I know the basics when it comes to checking under the bonnet and I always check I’ve got enough oil and water etc before we go. Another thing is check our fuel, the same with your water levels – you don’t want to be in the middle of no where when that fuel light comes on.

Check tyres

This is something that you should do before every car journey really, do we have enough tread, do we have enough air in the tyres, are the tyres fully pumped or have I got a puncture? Let’s just check..

I’ve always been quite a ‘let me just make sure’ kind of girl, I’m a double checker that’s for sure. I hate the thought of breaking down with my toddler in the car (or even on my own) and I hate the idea of having my toddler kick off in the back of the car because she’s bored stiff, hence why I pack the toys & the snacks to keep her entertained. As part of the TyrePlus “#WheelsOfTheRoad” Campaign I wanted to share an info graphic with you all explaining what kind of things you might need to take with you on a long journey and talking about all the different types of drivers. Are you a thrill seeker? A motor enthusiast? Do you enjoy a dangerous road trip with huge drops? Or do you prefer a nice quiet drive with a good view for the children? I know which I’d prefer! I’m definetely a ‘Family Driver’ .. Since going on holiday last week, my toddler has been obsessed with animals and every time we see any on a car journey she gets so excited I’ve purposefully been driving past fields, because ya know.. I’m just that kind of mum.

*This is a collaborative post with TyrePlus.

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  1. SusanWood
    June 15, 2018 / 9:52 pm

    Another excellent and well thought out and interesting post xx

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