5 Things To Do Once You’ve Written A Blog Post

I’m always being asked for tips & tricks when it comes to blogging and If I’m being honest I don’t always know the answers but here are 5 things that I do every time I write a blog post.

Photography: I’ll be honest, I’m not the greatest at photography and I don’t even use a proper camera. All of my blog & Instagram photos are taken on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and then edited on an app called Snapseed. Find blog props that are relevant to your post & take a photo of them. Natural lighting is best so if you can, take your photo’s under a well lit window or use a lamp with a white glow.

Publish it: Before I click publish I always proofread my work & click preview to make sure that it looks how I want it to look. If it’s not quite right or if I have any spelling mistakes, I make amendments and check again. I always use a featured image on my posts and quite often I will use canva to add text and illustrations to my images.

Share it on all of your social media channels: This sounds a little bit dramatic, but you want to get the best exposure possible so sharing is the best way to do this. I copy & paste my blog link & share it on twitter. I do the same on my Facebook page & then share it on my personal Facebook if I feel like it would benefit my own Facebook friends. I have a wordpress plugin on my blog called ‘Pinterest Pin It Button’ where it gives others the option to ‘Pin’ your posts & images. After I publish a post I ‘Pin it’ to my pinterest board.

Instagram: The link to my blog is always in my bio, I stick to the main link as I find it an inconvenience to change every time I publish a blog post. However, some people do prefer the link to your latest post rather than your blog. I upload an image to instagram which is always based on what my blog post is about. I add a caption, tag the appropriate brands (if any) and post my hashtags in the comments. I then go onto my blog, screenshot a snippet of my latest blog post & add it to my insta stories.

Stumble Upon: Now this is one that I have only very recently discovered thanks to some of my lovely blogger friends. Stumble Upon is an app where you click ‘Stumble’ and it takes you to a random page based on your interests. Every time I publish a blog post, I copy & paste my link over to the ‘add a page’ button on Stumble Upon and I do the same with other bloggers latest posts to ensure that we all get the best exposure of our content. My stats have almost doubled since discovering Stumble Upon so if you haven’t signed up yet, I totally would. The only downside to this app (if you are mad on stats) is that it does increase your bounce back rate on GA.

I hope these top tips have helped you and give you the motivation to better your blog & If you’re not a blogger, I hope that this has given you an insight as to what bloggers do to put themselves out there.

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