5 Things you need to do before going on a long car journey

If you’ve read any of my travel posts, you’ll know that there is nothing I love more than going on a nice long drive in the car. Not the kind of long drives where it’s raining and you end up with back ache, I’m talking about those lovely sunny mornings that you decide to take the kids out and go on an adventure whether that be to the beach, the zoo or even the woods. When I was younger we would spend the summer holidays down in Cornwall with my Grandad, we would just drive in the camper-van and stop for a bacon bap & a cup of tea.. this is one of my favourite childhood memories and I really hope that my children will love going on road trips and adventures as much as I do.

When Rob worked at his old job I used to drive him to work at 7.30 am every morning and then drive home with our little girl. I must admit I never did enjoy waking up early to get everyone ready but I did really enjoy the morning drive back, you could see the sun coming up and feel the cold air coming through the windows. I’d come home and make myself a hot drink and I’d be up and ready for the day ahead. Quite often I’d have the slow cooker on and the flat tidy by 9am. Amazing, and I am so glad I got that experience. It really is the simplest things in life.

It will be 2 years this year since I passed my driving test, and I’ll be honest the longest I’ve ever driven is probably to Southampton, only about 2 hours from us but it took us a good 6 hours there and back when the roads were chockablock. By the end of that drive it did start to rain and I did get backache..Β Quite often I’ll just get in the car and go which is all well and good until you break down or realise you’ve got no fuel. Thankfully this has never happened to me, but it could possibly happen to you if you don’t do the following:

5 Things to Do before you go on a long journey

Check your car tyres – This is so important, not only for the safety of you & others but because you can actually get done for driving with no tread in your tyres.

Make sure you’ve got enough fuel – One tip I have would be to never let your tank go below 1/4.

Check your lights work – If your lights are out and its getting dark you will get stopped. It takes 5 minutes to change a bulb, trust me.

Check under your bonnet – Do you have enough Oil? Water? Think about your car battery, screen wash, indicators, You name it, make sure you’re all topped up and working.

Plan your journey – Set up the Satnav before you go, nobody wants to be faffing with a Satnav whilst driving (it’s dangerous) and nobody wants to argue with their partners as to which turning to take next. Make life easier.

KwikFit have launched a campaign called #RoadTripsOfEurope so I just wanted to share a few places in the UK where I’d like to drive.Β 

Where do I want to go?

Cornwall. I’ve always wanted to drive to Cornwall especially seen as it is one of my favourite places.

Newquay. I’ve heard that Newquay have a lovely scenic route and I’d love to take Alyssia to visit the Sealife Centre.

Dartmoor. This is one of my favourite places for a scenic route and I would 1000% recommend it if you are close to the area. I have never driven it myself but have been in the car on day’s out with my grandparents and it is the most beautiful route ever with horses, cows, sheep all just running wild. It’s honestly amazing.

Portland Bill (Dorset). I’m sure you’ve all heard of the lighthouse Portland bill? I’ve been there multiple times but have never driven it myself and I know I would really love to.

Lands end. Now I don’t know what it’s like here but I’d love to find out, I would love to say I have travelled to the end of the land. How cool does that sound?!

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