50 facts about me

So I thought I’d change it up a bit and write something about myself for once. I love learning a little more about the ladies/mums behind my favourite blogs, so I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy reading these very random facts about me! 

1) I moved out when I was 16.

2) I am a young mum, and I love it. – I had my babygirl when I was just 17.

3) I have an 11 month old daughter called Alyssia.

4) I have suffered badly with anxiety since the age of 12.

5) I am fascinated with space & astronomy etc, I just can’t get over how amazing our world really is. I have recently discovered that YouTube broadcast a live video from the space station and i think it’s amazing.

6) I am scared of the dark.

7) I love to be organised, and I’m not very good with change.

8) My middle name is Claire. (After my nan)

9) I love blogging – although I am new to the blogging world, I absolutely love it so far. I post 10000 pictures a day on instagram (slight exaggeration)  documenting my daughters life, so that not only I can look back but so that Alyssia can look back on it all in years to come.

10) I’m a list maker – I have lists everywhere and for literally everything.

11) I hate confrontation (i find it intimidating) however I know that in the long run, communication solves most problems.

12) I have very small feet, I’m a size 3.

13) I love fluffy socks & slippers.

14) I miss being pregnant and would love to have more children – however I don’t think I’m quite over the pain of childbirth yet.

15) My favourite takeout has to be Chinese – sweet & sour chicken balls, egg fried rice, chinese chips, & chicken or plain chow mein.

16) My favourite dessert is fruit salad – it always has been ever since I was young.

17) My best childhood memories are with my Grandad in the campervan – we would always go on adventures & have loads of fun.

18) My Grandad bought my first car & taught me to drive – I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. He’s my rock.

19) I am naturally blonde.

20) I watch more YouTube than I do TV – I could literally spend hours watching mummy vlogs.

21) I’m a libra – I love people but hate large crowds.

22) I try to see the positives in everything.

23) I weigh around 7 stone. – I have always been small until I fell pregnant and put on alot of weight during my pregnancy but have now lost it all and believe it or not – weigh less than before.

24) I prefer texting over calling – it’s nothing personal I’m just an anxious mess.

25) I am a highly sensitive person. I’m pretty sure that I feel everything more intensely than most people and I start to cry very easily.

26) I ALWAYS squat when I pee in public places.

27) I don’t like coffee but I love coffee cake – weird.

28) I believe that if I go out of my way for others, they will do the same for me – however this isn’t always the case & I find myself feeling let down quite easily.

29) I once wore so much foundation that people at school would call me ‘tango’

30) I’m the adventure type of girl

31) I would love to work with children – I did my work experience in a playgroup.

32) Before I fell pregnant, I planned to be a paediatric nurse & applied for an apprenticeship in theatre.

33) I used to be in the cadets & am a qualified first aider.

34) I love to cook and experiment withdifferent foods.

35) I don’t eat fish, and absolutely hate the smell of it.

36) I love marmite but hate twiglets.

37) I am always looking of ways to improve myself.

38) I absolutely love personalised gifts.

39) I pretty much always wear black clothing.

40) I am a bargain hunter – and love to shop.

41) I have had glasses since the age of 14 but hardly ever wear them, I should probably wear them more.

42) I have 2 nieces & a nephew through my partner and I absolutely adore them.

43) I look awful without makeup.

44) I breastfed my baby for the first 2 weeks of her life & regret not carrying on. I would definitely like to try again with my second baby.

45) I love using my slow cooker – sausage casserole is my favourite slow cooked dish.

46) I have too many clothes for my drawers, yet always say “I have nothing to wear”

47) I believe in ghosts, and am interested in the spiritual world yet am absolutely terrified at the same time.

48) My labour with Alyssia happened very quickly – 2hrs 10 mins.

49) I forgive people, not because they deserve it but because I need them.

50) I am surprised you are still reading this, I’m not actually that interesting.

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x
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