A Day at the Farm – Life Lately

A Day at the Farm – Life Lately

“When you try to take a nice family photo but your 1 year old wont cooperate”

We went on Holiday last week to Pontins in Brean Sands, It was absolutely awful and you can read my review on it here. However, we tried to make the best of things & these are some of the photo’s I took while we were away.

As you can see Alyssia is a little explorer, she absolutely loves being outside and just running free. Its hard because we live in a block of flats and we don’t have a garden, so Alyssia really enjoyed running around while we were away.

“I work out, just kidding – I chase toddlers”

One of Alyssia’s favourite things to do is to just go and run around, before she started walking she used to get so frustrated with everything as she wanted to do it but couldn’t. She’s been walking for 3 months now and is now so confident on her feet. The weather has been quite nice recently so we have managed to go to the park a few times in the past few weeks and every time she runs straight for the swings.


“Let them be little, Let them be wild, Let them be a little wild”

Love this photo of Alyssia on the swings, she never fails to make me smile even on the worst of days. She is such a happy toddler, always full of laughter & energy. In this photo she is wearing her new leggings handmade by a lovely shop on Instagram called LukasWardbrobeCo and her bow is from another lovely little instagram shop called Lil Miss Swiss Bows. I actually won both of these products to two different Instagram competitions.


 “Lets sit and watch the world go by” – Winnie The Pooh

I love this quote and love this photo of Alyssia, this was taken at Burnham on Sea beach last week. It was so windy and Alyssia just stood there watching the world go by. She is such a people watcher, she loves to just observe things if that makes sense and just explore. Alyssia has learn’t a new word this month and that word is “Gone” every time she drops something, every time somebody leaves the room or runs off she looks at me and says “Gone Gone” its so funny but so so cute at the same time. She hardly ever gets upset now when somebody leaves the room and just uses the word “Gone” instead which is good.


We also went to a farm near Brean called Animal Farm and it was absolutely amazing. There was so much to do, you could feed the animals, go on the rides – go karts, mini rollarcoaster, bouncy castles, outdoor castle, indoor play area, there was also a farm walk that you could do, there were so many different animals to see including ducks that we saw with 5 little ducklings.. It reminded me of the song “Five Little Ducks” so I sang it to Alyssia on the way round. There was also a sandpit and some big hay bales on the walk which was out of the way of all the noisier activities (rollarcoaster etc) and was tucked away in the corner. They had mini ride on tractors and Alphabet foam letters where you could spell your name which I thought was really good.


We had so much fun on the hay bales before it started to rain, my younger brother is 7 years old and has autism, he really loved playing on the hay bales with Alyssia and liked the thought of being a part of our blog photo’s. We couldn’t spell Alyssia’s name so instead we spelt “Lissy” seen as she is my little lissy doll. I was hoping to get some better photo’s in the sun and I would have loved to have spent more time there, but the weather had different ideas.


“A child has a special way of adding joy to every day”

Alyssia loved the little tractors, she has a thing about sitting on things at the minute – its so funny. We bought her a walk along unicorn in the gift shop and she won’t stop sitting on it, she really is hilarious sometimes.


Of course if you’re a parent with a toddler you’ll know that you probably wont be able to leave the gift shops empty handed. So this is what Alyssia got from our very short holiday away. From the farm she got a walk along unicorn (what more could you want, right?) and a cup with a twirly straw. She has recently learnt to drink from a straw too, so I thought I would buy one for her to try out for herself.


“Let me love you a little longer, before you’re not little anymore”

Just a quick update now that Alyssia is 15 months old:

She now has 8 teeth.

New words: “Gone”

She also sits & plays independently now and isn’t so clingy.

Mummy Update: My twitter account was locked and I had to make a new account, so please could you all go over and follow my new twitter @mummyandliss_  It would be much appreciated. 

Thank you so much for reading, Zoe x

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  1. Susan Wood
    June 6, 2017 / 4:54 am

    Lovely blog and pictures, so glad you all had a such a good time to make up for your holiday. I am know everyone enjoys sharing your happy moments and good advice, lots of love Auntie Suex

    • June 6, 2017 / 7:07 am

      Thank you, it was a lovely day at Animal Farm and I would definitely recommend it. x

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