I was drinking my cup of tea this morning & came across 2 articles on my newsfeed.. One called “Why Kate and Will’s third child has sparked anger on behalf of women up and down the country” another called “While you celebrate the third royal baby, remember all of the women in Britain who aren’t allowed a third child” and my first thoughts were “what on earth? why would anybody be angry? what do you mean women who aren’t allowed a third child? I’m so confused” I sat there feeling so irritated by these headlines & I couldn’t not have my say.

Firstly lets just start by saying, Kate & Will are royalty, they’re not like the rest of us. Secondly, who are we to judge? I know families who have 3+ children & get by just fine, I also know families like my own, who have just the one child.. But does that make either one of us a better parent? No.

But this isn’t what the article is about. The first article claims that women up and down the country are angry, why? The mirror says ‘It came in the same year the Tories introduced a cap on the number of children for which struggling parents can claim child tax credits to help with the cost of raising children.

Mums and dads can now only claim the credits – which can be worth up to £2,780 per year for each child – for their first two children and not their third, nor any subsequent sons or daughters. There are a few exceptions – regarding adoption, multiple births and kinship care – but one was branded ‘disgusting’.

If a single mum can prove she has been raped or was in an abusive relationship at the time of conception, then she will be excused from the ban.’ I was absolutely disgusted when I read this sentence, how on earth can anybody say such a thing? “If you can prove it” What the actual f**k? I don’t even know what to say? However, this has nothing to do with Will & Kate though does it? They weren’t the ones who brought in the new rule, it was the tories so why are Will & Kate being targeted?

Many are questioning why taxpayers should shell out money for another royal baby when people in struggling households don’t receive help for theirs. But that’s not true, the rule isn’t an exception for them just because they’re royalty.. it seems that members of the public have gotten the wrong end of the stick. Of course they will live a more ‘luxurious’ life compared to the majority of us but they are royalty, what can you expect?

This brings me onto the next article that I read “While you celebrate the third royal baby, remember all of the women in Britain who aren’t allowed a third child” now, this headline just doesn’t sit right with me. Who’s to stop anybody having a third child? Nobody. The Independent are giving out false information, It is NOT against the law to have a third child as the headline suggests. Anybody can have a third, fourth, fifth or even 10th child if they want to. They have that right. What they don’t have is the right for their ‘extra children’ to be funded by the tax payer. Simple.

I don’t agree with the new clause that the tories have brought in, personally I cannot see how it is fair. “In April this year the Government reformed child tax credits, introducing what is commonly referred to as the “rape clause”. From now on, a woman will be unable to claim tax credits for any child after her first two unless she can demonstrate conception occurred “as a result of a sexual act which [she] didn’t or couldn’t consent to” or “at a time when [she was] in an abusive relationship, under ongoing control or coercion by the other parent of the child”. To claim this exemption, she must complete an eight-page “rape assessment” form, countersigned by a third party professional to whom she must disclose her assault.” This just doesn’t sit right with me and I am gobsmacked that this is even a thing, I understand why they’ve put it in place because unfortunately there are people out there who will keep having babies just for the money but in reality, the majority of us aren’t like this.

But this brings me back to my initial thought, what has this got to do with Will & Kate? Why are they being targeted?We should all be happy for them, personally I think Will & Kate are very much down to earth and we don’t actually know their thoughts on the whole tax credits situation because they are simply not able to discuss politics.

I asked fellow bloggers for their opinions on the situation:

Personally, I’m really excited! In my opinion I don’t think the finger of shame should be pointed at Wills and Kate at all in terms of the benefit cap. The cap was put in place by the tories so the blame should lie at their doorstep. Everyone is entitled to have as many children as they wish providing they care for them properly. Who are we to dictate someone else’s life? Royal or not. – Gee Gardner 

Wow what an awful post from birth these papers. Why is it selfish? If I had the money and the space I’d love a third baby. I’m happy for them it’s there lives and none of our business really how many children they decide to have. In regards to the Tax Credits Rule, I don’t agree with this at all. However you happen to have a third child whether it is adoption etc or multiple births we should all be treated equally
It should be means tested as it always has been. So if my third child is naturally mine I’m not entitled to claim but if I adopt I can claim where is the fairness in that. In regards to the abusive relationship or being raped I really don’t know how to comment on that issue – Mummy’s Diary 

Good for them, I say! It is their business. As for some papers deeming a third child a ‘luxury’ which some cannot afford – the mind boggles! – Sophie & Lily 

They’re awful articles from both papers they are happy they have the time space and money I don’t think this baby will be there last who is anyone to judge them I think any pregnancy should be celebrated no one should ever be able to put it down whether it’s there 1st or 10th baby it’s there choice. – My Crazy Family Story 

People will be bitter regardless, the same rules would still apply to Kate and William in terms of tax credits, there is no exception because of their status, they wouldn’t receive them for the third child either. If they can afford to raise a child and give it a happy life then they are completely entitled to do that, much in the way everyone else in the country is. – Life with Boys 

Me and Kate have always been pregnant at the same time so all our children are the same age. I guess I just be selfish too for wanting to fill my heart with love instead of having pockets full of money. Good on them, and good luck to them. They are a lovely little family. – Raw Childhood

People will complain about anything – complain more about the nasty Tory policies (you can get away without paying your taxes if you are shitting money but we won’t give you £20 a week if you have a 3rd child, poverty scum!) than about those two – Mumzilla 

Good luck to them I say. Of all the Royals they seem the most down to earth, and from the look of their children they’re making great parents. Will their children be more privileged than most – of course – but if they can reflect their more real and down to earth attitude in future generations that can only be a good thing. – DaddiLife

I think that the Tory cap of two children is unfair; but Kate & William have NO say in this. I do not understand why so many people are mixing politics and the royal family when they are separate. We do not know what Kate & Williams opinion on Tax Credits is – they are not allowed to speak out on political issues. A new child should be positive and celebrated so I am happy for them and hope that they do not take the bitter, angry, negative comments to heart. I think a lot of it stems from jealousy. I cannot afford three children, but I would never begrudge a large family from those who can! – Welsh Mum of One 

Good on ’em I say. If it makes them happy, then go for it. It might reduce their bedroom tax bill too! – Household Money Saving

I honestly can’t see the issue. It’s nobody’s business but theirs. I think trying to shoe-horn the tax credits cap issue is tenuous at best. You could argue that it should apply to all celebs – why not criticize Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay or the Beckhams? – Mother Distracted 

I don’t agree with the tax credits cap but I do understand why they’ve put it in place. I am aware there are people out there who have more children just to claim more benefits. However, most of us do not fall into that category. My husband works full time for the NHS (which pays a pittance nowadays, he hasn’t had a pay-rise in 6yrs). We receive tax credits. We’re currently expecting our surprise twins & only just found out that we will get extra tax credits for just one of them (while we see this as a blessing as we hadn’t thought we would get anything) at the same time I don’t understand why only 1? I had been preparing to return to work after raising our older children, have been studying for the last 4yrs to improve my prospects, but now with twins on the way, & extortionate childcare costs, it’s not going to be an option for a few more years yet. Whilst I don’t expect ‘handouts’ at the same time, I don’t think the cap should apply to working families. – Big Family, Big Fun

What are your thoughts? Are Will & Kate being selfish or are you happy for them? 




  1. Alisha
    September 11, 2017 / 1:21 pm

    I don’t think Kate and Will are being selfish, as you said people can have however many babies as they want, so long as they are well looked after, I’m happy. But I’m neither happy or unhappy for them, in my opinion Kate and Will, and the rest of the royal family are just humans like the rest of us, their baby will not affect my life, just like pretty much every other baby in the world, royalty or not they’re made of the same stuff as us and I don’t see them as superior or anything. Having said that I do like Kate and william as they seem like very normal down to earth people

    • September 11, 2017 / 1:22 pm

      I completely agree! I really don’t understand why they are being targeted it’s sad really. X

  2. Susan Wood
    September 11, 2017 / 4:49 pm

    Excellent and thought provoking blog. You dealt with a important subject with the skill of as good as an investigative journalist. Loved you postx

  3. September 12, 2017 / 6:40 am

    I’m very happy for the duke and duchess and think another royal baby is a wonderful thing. I had no idea about the caps, but if an extra £12 a week is going to make that much of a difference to whether you have a third, fourth or twenty-fourth child then perhaps it isn’t the right time? Personally i don’t agree on the cap, but child benefit also isn’t a factor in whether I want 3 children or more, or not.

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