Adding style to my home with desenio.

Adding style to my home with desenio.

I am always wanting to change things around in the flat whether that be adding new furniture, new prints or just having a general switch around. I hate things being in the same place all the time, I feel like it gets a bit boring so when I discovered Desenio, my life was made. They have a massive range of prints that come in all sizes and you can choose the frames to suit you and your decor. It’s affordable and I love the smaller prints with the gold poster clips also. My house feels so much nicer with my desenio prints dotted around, I can’t recommend them enough.


I’ve wanted something to go on the kitchen wall for ages and the two desenio prints fit perfectly. Originally I wanted to add a shelf but I do think it looks nice without. The quotes really suit our home and I love having the music on and dancing around the kitchen like theres no tomorrow. Because we have an open plan kitchen, I feel like the prints are the first thing anybody sees and I love that, I’ve had quite a few compliments on them already.


Another place that I wanted to add a little bit of magic was our bedroom, we’ve never really done anything with the walls, they’ve always been plain and boring but I loved the idea of 3 prints together above the bed. The first print that caught my eye was the ‘breathe’ poster, It’s plain and simple but I love that.

I also got a mindfulness quote and a dandelion print which again I love, I got these prints in 13x18cm. I feel like the bedroom is somewhere where I can relax and these prints really help with that. I kind of wish I got the white frames rather than the black but I feel like the black frames make it look bold.

There’s still a lot of work to do in our bedroom, we need a new wardrobe asap (our last one fell apart it was so old) and I could really do with a place to sit down and work other than the kitchen table. I do have a dressing table but the drawers get in the way and my laptop doesnt really fit on the desk. I’ve got my eye on a ladder desk, I’ve seen them in The Range and also in Argos, they’re only £49.99 too so I’m hoping to get that pretty soon and then I can style it up to how I like it.

Living Room

The living room is always hard to add to, I feel like we dont really have a theme going on as I am into so many colours. We currently have black and grey sofas, a grey tv unit, a grey rug & cream, grey & black curtains however on the walls we have a mixture of grey, blue, gold & black… odd right? But it actually works.. I was obsessed with the “Happy mind, happy life” print. I have propped it up in my side window with my tulips and my Yankee candle.

Another print I fell in love with was the “balance” print, it’s not to everyone’s taste but I really do love these colours together and the stones balancing really make the picture however this is a handpicked print.

We’ve lived here a good few years now and even though you’re quite restricted as to what you can do in rented accommodation there is also a lot that you can do, don’t get me wrong alot of our furniture etc is second hand but why not spend your money on a few prints and accessories to liven up the place. Even if you think you won’t be living there for long it’s always nice to make the place your own for the time being. If you know me you’ll know I am a massive lover of prints, candles, ornaments, the lot.. a few of my absolute favourite places to shop for home decor are; B&M, The Range, Matalan, Tkmaxx, Desenio & Melody Maison. All in which are affordable places to shop when you’re on a budget.

Desenio prints are a really lovely way to style your home and the prices are pretty darn good for the quality. They come beautifully wrapped too. So if you’re in need of a little ‘style upgrade’ why not get yourself some new prints? The code “MUMMYANDLISS” gives 25% off posters* between 27th February – 1st March. *Except for handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames.


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