Alternative Ways To Sharing Images On Social Media

Alternative Ways To Sharing Images On Social Media

Its 2017, we live in a digital age where more and more of our life is online. There’s no doubting that, right? We shop online, we read articles/blogs online, and we even search for advice through Dr. Google or ask questions, requiring an answer instantly. This is the way our lives are going, and there is no stopping the direction in which it is going to go. As a blogger, you may think that I endorse this sort of reality and lifestyle. After all, I share my parenting experiences online and my views and opinions. I share images through social media. While at this stage I choose to share what I want through my online platforms, there is no hiding from the fact that unless our privacy settings are as it should be, even private facebook profiles can become public knowledge at some point because they are simply online. 


While this isn’t about scaring people into not sharing things online, it is more to do with being aware. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular platforms to share family images with people, and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of them. But, there are still alternative ways to share precious snapshots of your life and your family purely for the eyes of which you intended them to be seen by. I wanted to share with you some alternative options to social media. It may even inspire you to share your life a little differently, or at least not share everything online. There are photographs that I share on my instagram page in which I am happy for everybody to see, but there as also some that I would rather keep to myself showing my family through a private message. 


Go back in time, sort of

There was once a time (believe it or not) when the only way to communicate what was going on in your life, from the birth of a child, a marriage proposal or just your general day to day activities, was by letter. Can you believe it? Phone calls, text messages, and emails all seem to feel like they have been part of our lives forever, but sadly this is not the case. At the time, it was all anyone new, but now, of course, sending a letter or a postcard seems a little ancient doesn’t it? But, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t bring it back. Type up a letter, print off your favourite pictures and send it to a family member or a friend. I have family that don’t have a clue how to even turn on the laptop let alone how to send an email so receiving a handwritten or even typed letter would be much more appreciated. But if they do know how to turn on a laptop, you could consider sending postcards online with your favourite snap and a few words about it to a loved one. My Nan used to always send me online postcards when I was younger & I absolutely loved it. There is a sort of novelty to receiving anything other than bills in the post these days, and you could really make someones day by doing this.


Use messaging applications

There is no hiding from the fact that technology makes things easier. So while we can’t completely go back in time and become technology free, we can utilise it in a not so public way and take advantage of photo sharing applications instead. This means that the picture you upload will only be seen by people you have given authorisation to. There are similar sorts of things like iCloud photo sharing. You could even create a group chat on apps like Whatsapp, or instagram which means that messages, videos, and pictures can all be sent and seen by people within the group. All of which give you that satisfaction of instant sharing, without it being so public. I have ‘mummy group chats’ on various different platforms. 


Create family scrapbooks for your children in the future

Throughout your children’s lives, there will be points where you will want to capture as much of the memory as possible. Scrapbooking is a fun way to do it. For example, when we are pregnant many of us fill in those obligatory baby books with our thoughts, our receipts for baby items and scan pictures. I know I did, I would write about my feelings & tick off what I’ve bought so far. So what is to stop you continuing this sort of trend throughout their childhood? You could create a scrapbook of the baby years, toddlerhood, or as they get older, let them be involved in creating books that capture their summer holidays from school the vacations you take as a family, or even just a family day out. These are wonderful to look back on in years to come. My Nan took thousands of photographs of us grandchildren when we were younger, she would print them all off and let us cut them out and make our own scrapbooks, it was something that we really loved doing & if I’m honest I still need to invest in a scrapbook for Alyssia. I have saved back all of her first birthday cards & keepsakes so I can scrapbook them all. I might even do a separate post on this, let me know if it’s something you would be interested in seeing. 


Simply print some off

Sometimes the best idea is the simplest. Years ago, many of us use to head out with our disposable camera, go to our local photo store and print them out. I know my mum used to do this. Not really knowing how some of them would turn out, but the excitement was there. I was always buzzing to see how the photo’s turned out & I think these types of cameras are amazing for scrapbooks. My mum actually had a camera that printed the photo’s out for you instantly, I would love to get my hands on one of those again. So why not grab a little of that back and print out some of your favourite photo’s? Pop them in frames, display them on cork boards or stick them to your fridge. Just surround yourself with the images that make you smile. This is always something that makes me feel better, I am a photo-holic (is that even a word?) I love taking photo’s and I will always be the one behind the camera, but at least I know I have got it all saved to look back on with my children in years to come. Surround yourself with positivity and photographs that you just love to see.


I hope this has inspired you to consider other ways to share those precious life moments.



*this is a collaborative post.


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  1. Susan Wood
    September 18, 2017 / 8:29 pm

    I love this post, you are so clever each post reads like a professional journalist has written it, but more importantly it is as you say inspiring ! Keep up the good work xx

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