Alyssia turns one 

There is just something so amazingly strange about my feelings right now, I’m pretty sure most parents feel them as their babies turn one? Or as any big milestones are being ticked off the list? I dunno – this is my first time. Its that weird feeling that part of your life is running away from you, a mixture of happy & sad all in one. Excitement & butterflies for the future, and feelings of anxiety & separation. My baby girl is turning one…

A whole year old. That’s a whole year of being a mum, not just any mum – Alyssia’s mum. A whole year of having a daughter, of getting to know her, of loving her so very much..

In all honesty at times being a mum has felt like such a rollarcoaster and it seems to have dragged like hell. But really, when I look back.. it’s gone. My babygirl is turning one, she’s not my tiny 8lb baby anymore.

It’s scary to think that within the next year she will change so much, again! She will change from the super speedy crawling, babbling babba she is now into a walking, talking grown up little lady. We have some really exciting times ahead of us, and that thought makes life so much easier to deal with.

She is already growing to be a very strong and unique little person, with such a mixture of creativity and independence within her whilst at the same time still being a needy mummy’s girl. But… she isn’t my tiny baby anymore, and she won’t ever be again. How scary is that!

Childhood is all about onwards and upwards; always onto the next thing, new skills to learn, so many adventures to go on and so much fun to be had.

My first year with my babygirl has shocked & surprised me in so many ways, it’s incredible. I honestly never thought it was possible to love somebody this much, my relationship with Alyssia is so different and so very special. Somehow she has managed to change me, she absolutely rocks my world.

She has a whole variety of different smiles and faces she pulls at different people, and each one melts my heart everytime. She has such a deep giggle that is filled with love, it turns into a squeal and then a scream.. it’s the most contagious sound on this earth I swear.. I could listen to her giggling all day.  She has the cheekiest little twinkle in her eyes, but at the same time is still the cuddliest.  She is messy, so very messy but is also my pretty little dolly – all at the same time.

My first year with Alyssia has been such an adventure. An adventure that I feel so sad to leave behind, but when I remember that we still have so many more adventures to come & so much more fun to be had – I just feel excited and so so lucky that I get to be this amazing little girls mummy.

I love you so so much Alyssia, please don’t ever forget that. Mummy x

Zoe x

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