Alyssias 11 Month Update 

We had Alyssia’s 9-12 month review last week, and she is now 11 months old. In all honesty.. it went really well! (As much as i was dreading it) She is in the right categories for her age group & is exceeding in a few things, but seems to be dropping down when it comes to “problem solving”. As a parent I was a bit confused as to what this meant? But apparently it’s because she’s not clapping, playing pat-a-cake & using her shape sorter well?

(Alyssia’s piggy bank & 2 shape sorters)

Since hearing this I’ve been trying extra hard to help Alyssia with her hand/eye coordination.. on friday she clapped for the first time after we practised quite a few times.. although she doesn’t seem to want to show anyone her new skill so maybe it was just a one off.. (typical) I have made more effort to show her how to play with the shape sorter & her piggy bank but she’s not quite there yet and doesn’t really understand… she picks up the shapes and puts them on top (wrong shapes in the wrong holes) but she’s close.. I’ve also been lining up her food at mealtimes to see what she does and which foods she goes for first – she always goes for the fruit which I’m extremely happy about. (Parenting win – most kids won’t eat fruit/veg)

I am so proud of how well she is doing with her eating.. weaning has been quite challenging with Alyssia as she’s a cmpa baby meaning she is allergic to the milk protein in dairy products therefore she can’t have yoghurts, most desserts, cakes, crisps, chocolate etc like most other children her age; but in a way this has been such a good thing and sometimes you’ve got to find the positives, right?
Because she hasn’t eaten any of this, she absolutely loves her fruit & veg! Her favourite fruits at the minute seem to be oranges & blueberries and we have recently introduced raspberries for the first time. Her favourite vegetables are broccoli and carrots – probably because these are the 2 we have the most in our weekly meals.

(Introducing raspberries with a small dollop of natural yoghurt made from coconut milk. I will eventually do a post on Alyssia’s cmpa (Cows Milk Protein Allergy)). 
Alyssia’s routine has slowly changed; usually she has a nap around 3pm with a bottle of milk but recently she has wanted to go for a nap at around 11am – sleep through lunchtime and wake up at around 1.30 for her lunch which is okay but I’m still getting used to it. Rob gets home from work at around 2/3 most days now that he is self employed, so thankfully we can still plan some of our days so that they are family orientated rather than just Mummy & Alyssia. 

Alyssia’s speech is improving & since I’ve been taking her dummy away from her in the day times – She’s been talking (babbling) so much more. She can say “mama,dadda & babba” very confidently, and now and again says “ta, car, yes & no” 

  (Me & Liss doing tummy time at just 5 days old – I definitely struggled to get back up again haha!) 

She is very confident on her feet now, and is very strong for her age. We did tummy time from just 5 days old which I think has played a big part in this. She crawls so fast now that I need eyes in the back of my head, she climbs up on everything & can walk from sofa to sofa (about 3 steps without holding on) at one point I encouraged her to use her push along walker daily & I felt like I was pushing her a little too far so I didn’t do it for a few days and one day she just got up and walked across the room with it – I was so impressed. I am hoping she will do the same with walking unaided but I don’t want to push her too much so I’m just going to let her do it in her own time. 

After all, she’s nearly 1 and she’s not going to be a baby forever.

Zoe x

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