Alyssias 12 Month Update 

Obviously since I shared Alyssias first birthday party posts – you would have gathered that we now have an active toddler on our hands. This year has absolutely flown by. Sometimes I do wonder what the ‘pre baby me’ would be like, but I don’t even know her anymore – the ‘mummy me’ finally feels like the real me.


We have a walker!! 
– Alyssia started taking her first few steps at 9 months with help but finally unaided at 11 and a half months. She still looks way too small to be walking but I am so proud of her, she walks around the flat all the time now and has walked to and from the car a few times – however she’s still a little bit unsure of walking outside. I am hoping to take Alyssia to get her feet measured at Clark’s soon, but am waiting for her to get a little bit more confident on her feet.

She has 2 teeth!! –
 Alyssia got her first 2 bottom teeth a week before her first birthday!! She’s been teething for months and had white gums for ages but nothing ever seemed to happen – even though she would have all the signs of teething. I was so excited when her first tooth came through, and then the next day she woke up and there was another one in there. We are trying to introduce teeth brushing with her, however she usually just throws it after licking the toothpaste off. I have started doing it at bath times as I find it easier with her. She’s 13 months this week and I can see that her 2 top teeth are ready to come through, white gums and all the signs including sleepless nights and lots of tears but we’re still waiting for them at the minute. Happy days!

Talking!! –
 Alyssia has started to talk more, she has started to say “Ta” “Hi” “yeah” and “mumma” “dadda” alot more.. seeing her growing up is literally the cutest thing ever.

 – Alyssia has breakfast at 8.30 am most mornings, a snack at 10am & a nap at 11 with a 7oz bottle of goats milk. Lunch at 12.30, another snack at 3pm, dinner at 5.30pm, and a 7oz bottle for bed at 7pm. We are starting to introduce dairy into her diet for the first time this week so I will write a blog post on this to update you all.

 – Alyssia is an amazing sleeper unless she is poorly or teething. As I said above Alyssia goes to bed at 7pm most nights after a bath and then sleeps until 8am the next morning without waking in the night. She never used to sleep this well but since we introduced a routine, she has been amazing! It’s usually dinner at 5.30pm, bath at 6pm, and milk & bed between 6.30pm and 7pm.

 – Alyssia is now in 12-18 months clothes and size 4 nappies. We are still using the pampers brand but are using the ‘pants’ as Alyssia will not lie still for a normal nappy.


Alyssia has started waving hello & goodbye to people, she has started to play peekaboo and has really started to enjoy reading her books and playing with her toys. She has also started to learn some parts of her body, so far she knows “where’s your hair?” And taps her head.. and she knows “where’s your teeth?” And shows us her teeth with her hands. She has also started “dancing” by bopping her head – it’s so funny watching her do it!

That’s everything I can think of, I just can’t believe I have a 1 year old – where has the time gone?

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x


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