Autumn Essentials For Mum & Baby

Autumn Essentials For Mum & Baby

Like many others, Autumn is my favourite season of the year but quite often I find myself wondering what I need to buy after packing away my summer clothes (not that we get much of a summer here in the UK) but it’s safe to say it is definitely getting a bit chillier as the time goes on.. So what are my mummy & baby Autumn Essentials?


  • Cosy Blankets – An absolute essential, right? I must own at least 10 not including baby blankets…
  • Candles – I think this contributes to why this is my favourite season of them all, I am a sucker for a good candle. Yankee candles preferably but any with a good strong scent are my favourite. I want to get the Autumn ones!
  • Boots – I love a pair of tan boots & I cannot wait to buy some new ones soon.
  • Hot Chocolate – I drink hot chocolate all year round, I’m a bit weird I know.. but I don’t really like coffee, so I’m missing out on all the pumpkin spiced latte’s, but am making up for it with hot chocolate & marshmallows.
  • Slippers – I couldn’t survive Autumn without my trusty UGG slippers (I probably could but you know what I mean) I cannot stand having cold feet so my feet will always be in a pair of slippers or fluffy socks.
  • Fairy Lights – I feel like fairy lights make the house feel so much cosier alongside candles & blankets of course..
  • Dark Makeup – I LOVE dark makeup, I prefer it to lighter shades 100%.. My hair colour is naturally blonde but I much prefer myself a brunette with darker eye makeup..
  • Wooly Hat – If I’m honest, I don’t tend to wear wooly hats however I am going to get myself one this year just to match Alyssia.. I wonder If I can pull it off, we shall see..
  • Mustard Jumper – I NEED to get myself one of these, I am waiting on a shopping trip with my mama..
  • Fluffy Socks – I’m a fluffy sock addict, it used to drive my mum crazy but since having a child myself & having to do all the washing and pairing of socks.. I seem to have slowed down on the fluffy sock collection..
  • Warm Coat – Last year I wore a khaki parka jacket & a grey newlook wrap style coat, both in which are now broken & need replacing. My OH bought me a superdry coat at christmas and it’s great for cold wet days but I’d like to get something to keep me warmer this year so I will have to have a look around..



  • Blankets – a newborn essential, baby essential, autumn essential.. even a mummy essential… wrap up warm!
  • Sleepsuits – Sleepsuits are good for babies that won’t keep their socks on and are much warmer than a bodysuit on it’s own, obviously.
  • Snowsuits – Alyssia was born in February so by the time Autumn came around she was 7 months old. We had a fleecy snowsuit that we bought from M&S for £18 and it’s still one of my favourite A/W baby items.
  • Sleeping bag – Up until Alyssia was around 9 months old, we used a sleeping bag.. obviously the colder the weather, the thicker the tog but you already know that right? Alyssia now has a duvet at 19 months old.
  • Wooly hat – an absolute essential, unfortunately I don’t have any tips for getting them to keep them on apart from put something in both of their hands & distract them. I bought a pack of 2 wooly hats from Matalan for Alyssia last year and we will be using them again this year.
  • Warm coat – A bit of an obvious one but people often forget that babies need coats too, not just a blanket. A snowsuit would be ideal but a nice thick coat would do the job too.


What are your Autumn Essentials? Have I missed anything important?


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  1. Susan Wood
    October 5, 2017 / 9:26 pm

    Very good you are a trendsetter, keep it up x

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