I don’t usually write an update every month now that she is no longer a baby. (omg how weird does that sound) I have a toddler – Alyssia is nearly 1 and a half and I feel like all of a sudden she has just grown up into a little girl.

16 months on I can understand her now although there’s still a little bit of confusion, “you want a drink? No? you want a snack? No? you want a cuddle? No?  Mummy’s drink, Ah you want mummy’s drink” But normally I can understand what she wants when she points at something or when she makes different noises. When she’s tired she makes a really strange humming noise haha. She has started to understand instructions for example “Can you find your shoes?” and she’ll run to the shoe box by our front door and try and put them on.

I love watching her little face light up when she understands a new word – shoes, socks, duck, cow, pig – you can see the level of achievement in her smile and it really does just melt my heart. I am so proud of her. When she reads her books she babbles to herself, I don’t have a clue what shes saying but I just smile & listen.  There are so many funny moments with a toddler, the other day we cooked fish finger sandwiches for lunch – I told her not to touch the cooker because it’s hot so she started blowing it to cool it down.

Last weekend we went to see the ducks down at our local reservoir and she learnt some new words in which she hasn’t stopped saying since “duck, sky and quack quack”. She can find the duck in her book of animals and points to the sky when she says the word ‘Sky’ its so cute honestly. This month I’ve tried extra hard to spend more time with Alyssia despite working on the blog a lot more in the evenings too. Alyssia has learnt to run and dance this month, both in which are hilariously funny.

Alyssia now has 9 teeth, and honestly I think this is incredible – she’s hardly moaned about it at all and has been so good when she has just cuddling me & soothing herself. If you’ve been following us for a long time, you will know that although Alyssia was teething from just 3 months old, she didn’t actually get her first tooth until a week before her first birthday. She was also a later walker & started walking a week before her first birthday too.

This month we have had the music on a lot due to the weather being so lovely, and Alyssia has learnt to really crack out the moves. It is so so funny & actually reminds me of that strange dance that Neil does on the inbetweeners. Alyssia is very confident in saying the word “Bye” now, she says it every time somebody leaves the room and if shes going to bed etc. It is so cute, but also quite funny because she often shoo’s people out of the house. Before now, Alyssia has never been someone that likes to give kisses, she does cuddles and that’s all but recently she has started to want to give mummy kisses before bed and sometimes just randomly runs over and gives me a cuddle and a kiss which is a massive pick me up. Some days it’s almost like she knows what I need.

Overall we have nonsense chatting, wobbly dancing and regular shouting at bird sessions. It’s all quite fun here at Mummy & Liss HQ.



Ah yeah, the body. Well since having Alyssia I have done no form of exercise whatsoever. I thought I would be one of those ‘get me to the gym quick’ mums but actually I’m not. I bought the Charlotte Crosby workout DVD when it first came out and I only ever achieved it once. However, I have done a lot of walking since and I always feel so proud of myself when I have managed the uphill trek to town and back.

For the first 2 weeks I breastfed Alyssia but unfortunately couldn’t face carrying on despite now wishing that I had fought through the pain, because all through my pregnancy and up until my milk dried up – my boobs were real, full of milk & I actually looked okay but 16 months later, here I am with nothing but pancakes. Its obvious that I am just going to have to be pregnant for the rest of my life or fight through the pain of breastfeeding in the future otherwise I’ll be back to square one again with ‘pancakes’ aka empty sock syndrome.

As for the rest of the mum bod, I’ve lost weight since having Alyssia (thank god as I put on 2 stone and went up to a size 14) I am now back into a size 8/10 which I am okay about. After having a baby my stomach muscles actually collapsed & I had physiotherapy to fix them however like I said above I haven’t made much effort to exercise so toning up is something I definitely need to focus on. I wrote a big post on Body Positivity last week but when I was pregnant I actually felt more confident about my body, than I do now. However, I am finally at 16 months post partum learning to accept my mum bod for what it is & that’s a massive step to take.


Thanks for reading,

Zoe x




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  1. Susan Wood
    June 25, 2017 / 3:41 pm

    A lovely blog, progress forever progress xx

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