Baby Essentials 0-12 months

Baby Essentials 0-12 months

So I have been saying for a long time now that I would write a list of essentials that I have found most useful during the following periods: 

  • Baby essentials 0-6 months 
  • Baby essentials 6-12 months 

I was going to write these as 2 separate posts, however because Alyssia is 14 months old now, I thought i was abit late so I thought id put them both into one. 

Baby essentials 0-6 months 

  • Nappies & wipes 
  • Bodysuits & sleepsuits
  • Dummy
  • Nursing pillow
  • Muslin cloths
  • Changing mat
  • Bibs

Nappies & wipes – probably one of the main essentials, in fact not even probably.. it IS one of the main essentials.. we used pampers nappies & water wipes during the first few months, we then changed the wipes to asda sensitive wipes instead of water wipes because of the cost. Water wipes can be expensive, but they really are amazing for the newborn days. We used them instead of cotton wool, as we found that cotton wool was such a lot of hassle at 3oclock in the damn morning. 

Bodysuits & sleepsuits – when I found out I was having a girl, i went absolutely mad with sleepsuits.. with her being my first born, we bought from all different types of brands to test them out.. I absolutely LOVE Next sleepsuits and really do wish I had bought more. For the first 2 months Alyssia practically lived in sleepsuits (and me in comfy pjs – but that’s another story) I also really like Asda sleepsuits, asda sell some lovely bodysuits too and if you go when the baby event is on you can get 8 bodysuits for just £7.50, this works out at less than £1 each – amazing value for money.. don’t you think? 

Dummy – Ok, So I was definitely one of those nieve mummies who thought their baby wouldn’t need a dummy.. oh how I was so wrong! By day 3, I was exhausted – We had trouble with “the breastfeeding latch” and it all went abit tits up, (pun not intended haha) I finally gave in and let Alyssia have a dummy. She has been attached ever since.

Nursing pillow – oh this was amazing (and still is) I used it to feed, to hold her and in general just snuggle up. We also used it as a little cocoon for her to sleep next to in the day, she was obsessed with the pattern on the pillow and loved the colours. 

Muslin cloths – At first I thought, why would I need those? I’ll just use a tissue if she’s sick and use a bib for feeding, what’s the big deal? Haha, I was so nieve before having my daughter.. Alyssia suffered badly with colic, she was a very sicky baby so we actually went through about 3 muslin cloths a day. We also used them as a light blanket in the summer, and also as a comforter.. Alyssia always loved to hold something when falling asleep. 

Changing mat – I would say this is an essential, you don’t want to put your newborn baby on a solid floor (We have vinyl all throughout our flat) you need a soft place to change your baby.. we did have a changing unit but found we never really used it and found it much easier to just put the changing mat down on the floor and change her there. I know a lot of people change their babies on the rug or carpet but my child is very much prone to poonamis & it’s just my luck that the one time I go to change her on the rug, her nappy will leak and I’ll have to crack out the stain remover.. Id much rather use a changing mat, So that I can anti bac it too.

Bibs – You’ll probably find that when feeding your baby, the milk will drip down their face & go onto their neck often leaving a bit of a rash.. I would 100% definitely reccomend the tommee tippee closer to nature milk feeding bibs, they’re a bit pricey at £5.89 for 2 bibs however they are so so worth and out of all the bibs we owned, I always looked for these as they were the best ones. They catch all of the milk around your babies chin so it doesn’t drip down onto their neck, an absolutely amazing invention if you ask me. 

Baby essentials 6-12 months 

  • Dummy 
  • Dummy clip
  • Teething granules
  • Teething keys 
  • Metanium nappy cream 
  • Sippy cup
  • Highchair 
  • Bibs – weaning

Dummy – at 14 months old, Alyssia still has a dummy but we are cracking down and she usually only has it for bedtime or if she’s poorly.. I would like to try and get rid of the dummy completely by the time she is 3, I think this is pretty reasonable. 

Dummy clip – an absolutely gods send, when you are out and about (and you don’t own one) you will probably find you are forever losing dummies, or if you’re in the car (just you and the baby) and they drop their dummy, you can’t do anything about it – with a dummy clip you won’t ever lose them, they’ll always be attached to you.. Your baby / toddler will also be able to reach it so you won’t have to find it for them after they’ve thrown it. 

Teething granules – a massive essential if you have a teething baby / toddler, I have used the gels etc but have found that the Nelsons teething granules have been by far the most effective. 

Teething keys – At first they were just a toy for Alyssia to play with, but since she has very recently been getting her teeth through – we have used these more often. These are made by nuby, and we absolutely love them. Not only does Alyssia now think she has her own car keys, they really soothe her when she’s in need of something to help her with her teeth.  

Metanium nappy cream – Again, I have used quite a few nappy creams but this one has by far been the most effective for us. If you have a teething baby, you will probably be dealing with quite a few “bad nappies” that make your childs bottom quite sore. Metanium nappy cream has been amazing for us, it’s a bit messy but it definitely works, 100% reccomend.

Sippy cup – At 6 months old you can start to introduce water into your babies diet, we bought a sippy cup with handles and she took to it quite quickly.. we started with just buying handles for the tommee tippee bottles to get her used to holding it and then we transitioned her onto a sippy cup for water. 

Highchair – A bit of an obvious one but also one that some people forget about until last minute.. it’s an absolute must have when you start weaning, and I would definitely advice getting one with a removable tray.

Dribble bibs – At first we didn’t use these much at all, I didn’t see the need.. but since Alyssia started teething she has been dribbling soooo much! Her clothes started to get soaked and I found I was changing her outfits a million times a day, So I went out to find some dribble bibs.. my favourite brands for dribble bibs would be nuby & billibibs.. Nuby have designed a bib with a sillicone teething corner so that your baby can bite down on it if they want to.. I thought this was such a good idea.. and billibibs are absolutely amazing too, they come in a whole range of different designs and they hold so much compared to some of the cheaper brands that just soak straight through to the clothes.. So again I would definitely reccomened both nuby & billibibs for dribble bibs. 

What were your 0-6 month essentials?What were your 6-12 month essentials?      .. & why? 

Thanks for reading,

Zoe x



  1. Susan Wood
    May 3, 2017 / 7:50 am

    Brilliant as ever I really enjoy reading these posts, even though I am just an auntie, it really give an insight into motherhood. xx

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