Baby Girl Haul & 25 Years of Clarks Village

Baby Girl Haul & 25 Years of Clarks Village

I am desperately trying to get the days out planned and ticked off the list before September comes because time is running out and I’m already 30 weeks pregnant (well tomorrow) .. time is running out and not only am I wanting to spend as much time as possible with my little trio, I also need to grab the last bits that we need for baby girl and that includes a handful of cute outfits of course. We took a trip to Clarks Village the other week as I was very kindly sent a £25 voucher in celebration of the 25 years that Clarks Village has been running so of course I’ve been desperate to spend it. I’ve been going there for years and have some great memories of going there as a child to get my new school shoes & to also take a quick visit to the cadburys shop.. you can’t not really can you.. I’m still a sucker for a Freddo.

I thought it would be a nice little day out for the three of us and figured I could also combine it with my shopping trip for baby girl clothes, two birds one stone or whatever they call it, right? I’m also a sucker for a bargain so visiting the next clearance store was right up my street and I was impressed that I could still use my giftcard in there despite it all being on sale. I picked out some super cute outfits worth nearly £60 full price and with my voucher & the sales deductions, the whole lot cost me just £3. Absolute Steal! I even got an outfit for Christmas (I know, I know) ..

Wild and Free Romper

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous romper in pink and dark grey with the words ‘Wild and Free’ printed in gold on the front. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and bought this in Size ‘Up to 1 month’ as she is due September. This was originally £16 and we got it half price for £8.

Grey Star Tee

The second item I picked up was a grey long sleeved geometric t-shirt, again with gold sparkly writing on the front which read ‘The stars, they sparkle for you’ in which I thought was lovely. I got this in a bigger size (3-6 months) as it will be winter by the time it fits her and she will be needing longer sleeves by this point. This was originally £4 and we got it half price for just £2.

Floral Khaki & Grey Leggings

The next thing I picked up was this 2 pack of khaki flowery & grey leggings. As soon as I saw them I knew they were mine but I wasn’t sure which size to get them in. I got them in size ‘Up to 1 month’ as I’m assuming they’ll fit her at the end of summer. Either way they are super cute and I just couldn’t resist, they have little frilly bits around the ankles and my heart bursts just imagining her in them. These were originally £9 and we got them half price for £4.50.

Embroidered Floral Cardigan

To coincide with the cute leggings that I got, I also picked up this super cute embroidered cardigan in Cream with little flowers on. When I picked up the leggings I had no idea what to put them with until I found this cardigan and then I couldn’t let go of them. I absolutely love babies in cardigans and I cannot wait to see her in it. I got this in size ‘Up to 3 months’ so that she can wear it all through the winter months too. This was originally £14 but we got it half price for just £7.

Little Red Dress

I picked up this super basic but super cute long sleeved dress in Red with frills on the arms and around the waist. I figured this would be absolutely perfect for christmas (I know, I know) planning ahead a little, but it will look so cute on her and I cannot wait to get some photo’s of her in it. We got this in size ‘Up to 3 months’ so that it fits her in time for Christmas. This was originally £9 and we got it for £4.50.

Christmas Tights

Last but not least, Christmas Tights! You’re probably thinking christmas tights, in June?! You know what I’m like! Planning ahead as always. I figured these would go perfectly with the above red dress and for the price you can’t really go wrong. We got these in the size 3-6 months, they were originally £6 and we got them half price for £3.

After being the very indecisive clothes shopper that I am (also after nearly an hour in the shop with a grouchy toddler) we were reunited with daddy who had already decided clothes shopping wasn’t for him and that he was off to the games shop (typical guy) … we paid for our items & went to the Andrea Mattia hut for donuts & coffee. Mmm! After a good half an hour rest we went to a few more shops for a look around & then went to find the children’s play area as Alyssia had been so patient with us shopping. The play area was actually really good, as soon as we got in there, she was off and there was no stopping her. I sat down (hid) in the corner with a freddo whilst Alyssia attempted the slide a few times & Rob was chasing her around. The swings were another one of her faves, I shared a photo on my Instagram but honestly.. the smile on her face when her dad played on the swings with her, ahhh my heart! The swings were pretty cool, they had a parent & toddler side so that you can go on together in which Alyssia quite clearly loved.

If you haven’t already taken a visit to Clarks Village, it’s well worth doing – they’ve been there for 25 years and are still going strong. From Next Clearance and The Works to Superdry & Jack Wills, there’s something for everyone. A big thank you to Clarks Village for inviting us to visit & also for supplying us with a £25 giftcard that bought us some adorable outfits.

*we were very kindly given a giftcard to spend at Clarks Village in return for this review.

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