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I think I’ve finally, maybe, only just… got my head around the fact that we will soon have 2 girls and guess what that means.. mama wants to decorate! At first I thought ‘ahhh well, baby will be in with us for the first 6 months anyway so I won’t need to bother decorating yet’ but you know what I’m like.. as soon as I get an idea in my head, it has to happen or it will drive me mad. So, ideally I’d like it done by the time baby girl arrives. We live in a 2 bedroom flat so the girls will be sharing but Alyssia’s room is currently bright pink with owl themed wallpaper and if I’m honest, I’m not quite sure what I was thinking when I picked out the paint. It’s that bright you can’t miss it when you walk past her bedroom and its actually quite dark in there despite it being quite in your face. I want to start from scratch and paint it all white and add colour with accessories. I want everything to match and I want it to be perfect for both Alyssia and her new baby sister.

After deciding that I wanted to start from scratch with their bedroom I’ve started decluttering and trying to organise it a little better. The first thing I had to think about was a colour scheme, now I know I don’t ever want to go back bright pink and I’m not keen on a one colour bedroom (Alyssia’s bedroom used to be painted lilac) so I wanted white walls and light pink, mint green and white accessories inspired by a gorgeous poster I found on Posterlounge. I then went on to choose 2 more posters, one for each of my 2 girls. I chose a Swan print and a Flamingo print with 2 gorgeous wall hangings.


Alyssia has the lulworth cot bed which will be passed down to baby girl and we’ll be buying Alyssia the lulworth single bed, I absolutely love the wood effect on the sides so I decided to get the matching birch hangings to go with the posters. I can’t wait to get them on the walls.

I have been looking on pinterest for inspiration and have written a list of all the things I’d like to buy for their bedroom. Now that I’m thinking about it, we might have to wait until christmas time to decorate the girls room but ideally I’d like it done sooner rather than later. I’ve started buying the odd bits here and there but the majority of it is waiting in various baskets across the internet, Ebay being the main one, alongside Matalan & Ikea. I am basing my colour scheme on the prints I have chosen from posterlounge and thought I’d give you an idea as to what kind of thing I am after. I’ve got my eye on this gorgeous pom pom wall hanging, this fluffy rug, this incredible rocking chair and this lovely mongolian fluffy cushion alongside lots of other lovely accessories.

Posterlounge have some really gorgeous prints on their website so I would definitely recommend having a look. You can buy each print on various different materials for example wood, canvas etc.. alongside different wall hangings. For 15% off your order with Posterlounge use the code ‘MUMMYANDLISS15’ this code is valid for 3 weeks and excludes other offers.

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