I never thought this day would come. Honestly, I thought that we would be doomed with a dairy allergy for the rest of our lives but its gone, just suddenly completely gone. If you read my last CMPA update you’ll know that things were beginning to look up and Alyssia was having very small amounts of dairy every 2 days with no reaction to build up her tolerance. I am so happy to say that this continued and she started having yogurts daily, cheese with her lunch and cows milk on her breakfast. 3 things I never thought she would be able to have. I wrote the last update in October, I left her a good month on small amounts of dairy before I introduced full bottles of cows milk. I actually started with semi skimmed milk as I know this is more watered down than the whole milk, her first bottle was terrifying if I’m honest. I knew she was fine with the dairy products now but I wasn’t so sure about the milk. At first she wasn’t sure either, she didn’t seem to like the last and didn’t drink it all the first day. I started giving it to her at nap times so I could watch her and make sure she didn’t react in her sleep, I was terrified of something happening in the night so I kept her on daytime milk for a good 2 weeks before we started giving it to her for bedtime.

We moved over to whole milk as obviously that is better for little ones in order to help them grow big & strong etc. Every day since has been a breeze and my god this is the best thing ever. My baby can eat whatever she wants (within reason) this year she has been able to have an advent calendar like everybody else, she’s been able to eat like everybody else and I haven’t had to worry about packing extra snacks just in case. It has been amazing, I have been that parent that checks the packaging of every single item in the shop before buying it and honestly, it sucked. Alyssia now loves her milk, yoghurts, cheese, the lot. Pizza is her all time favourite and I get so excited watching her eat it all (you really won’t understand unless you’re a CMPA parent) Each morning Alyssia asks for ‘milk like mummy’ with her breakfast and it melts my heart every time. Alyssia is very nearly 2 years old and has only just grown out of it so you can see why I didn’t have much hope, especially after she reacted to the smallest amounts of dairy but if you are struggling with a dairy allergy, hold in there because it is just temporary (I didn’t believe them either) but trust me. It will get better and it will get easier.

If you want to read my other CMPA updates, you can read them here.

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