Bedtime Routine with a Toddler & a Baby.

One of the most asked questions I have ever had is "Can you share your bedtime routine?" so I thought why not, lets see if ours are similar. My girls are nearly 2 and 5 months old and we have got into a good routine now. Ever since Alyssia was a baby we've always been quite strict with bedtime and rarely let her stay up really late unless its a special occasion. She's always gone to bed at 7pm after Cbeebies and its worked really well for us. Not all days are the same, we don't always watch Cbeebies but she does still go to bed between 7 and 8 every night otherwise she gets overtired.

Our bedtime routine starts with dinner time really, this is usually between 5 and 6. If it's bath night, I'll give the girls a bath and we get our PJ's on around 6.20 (When In the Night Garden Starts - if you know, you know).Β Getting both of them dressed takes longer than you think so that's why I leave so much time. My toddler is famous for legging it as soon as she sees me get her PJ's together so quite often I'll get her sister ready first, she can't run off yet. Once the PJ's are on, this is calming down time. I turn the telly down, ditch the dishes if I haven't already done them and snuggle my babies before they go down to bed for the night. The girls have a cuddle. We say goodnight to Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy and then wait patiently for Cbeebies Bedtime Story. I make my toddler a drink and the baby some milk and then we go into the toddlers room all together and read a bedtime story, if the baby is grouchy it'll be a short story but we always read a story regardless especially now that the toddler has ditched the dummy. I then say goodnight, turn the light off (hallway light is on until shes asleep) and take the baby to bed.

She is 5 months old and has a 6oz bottle of warm milk in bed. I used to cuddle her and feed her but now she's that little bit older, she lies in her crib and can hold her own bottle. I use my phone to turn on the myhummy bear (the best white noise machine we've ever used) and lie on my bed until she has finished her milk. Both babies are usually soundo by 7.20 and sleep until the next morning. My 5m old wakes in the night once for a bottle between 3/5 am. Once the girls are in bed, I then finish washing up and tidying the kitchen, tidy the living room and sort clothes out for the next day if it's a nursery day or if we're going out and then I have the evening to work or chill out, usually the first!

Is your bedtime routine similar to mine?Β 


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