Belle’s 12-15 month update

Soooo much has happened since Isabelle turned one and she is changing so much by the day. At 11 and a half months she took her first steps with a baby walker but didn’t have the balance just yet. On her first birthday she stood solo for the first time and two weeks later she took her first steps unaided with the encouragement of her big sister. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Somebody once said to me that one day she would just get up and run across the room and she did exactly that.

We got her her first little pair of trainers from Asda once she had been walking for a good month or so and we took her for her first walk outside which was an adventure. The girls held hands and it was the cutest thing. Even now at 15 months shes still not the most confident walker outside but she will get there.

She has started pointing at things and has become a lot more vocal over the past month or so. She can say:

Mama / Mummy
Dadda / Daddy
Dandad (Grandad)
Lissy (Her sister)
Duggee (Hey duggee)
Tag (she’s obsessed with tags on soft toys)
Bunny (sounds more like daddy)
Uv oooo (Love you)
Narna (Banana)
Beep beep
And a few more!

When shes finished her dinner she tries to tell me “finished” and hands me her plate. It’s so cute. She’s learnt to use a fork and spoon finally, but still opts for her hands now and again. Its hard to introduce cutlery to a baby thats been eating with their hands since 6 months. Good old BLW.

Just this past week she has cut her first tooth and I feel so relieved, I thought they were never coming. Her curly hair is growing, I didn’t realise quite how much until I look back at photos and her personality is shining through every day. She is my cheekiest, wildest little girl but I wouldn’t change her for the world. She was the missing piece of the puzzle.

Her favourite TV programme is The Baby Club on CBeebies, she loves dancing and music and adores any teddy with a tag but in particular her bunny. Her imaginative play is amazing, I definitely think that having a big sister to learn from helps. She loves happyland, cars, playing with the toy kitchen and has recently found her love for colouring (scribbling) love her. She is one amazing little girl.

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