Book review: Pregnancy The Naked Truth

Book review: Pregnancy The Naked Truth

‘Pregnancy the naked truth’ is quite literally what it says in the title.. it is the naked truth of pregnancy, a book telling you all the things that most people won’t.

There’s no doubting it, having a baby changes your life. Your body, career, relationship and sex life may alter beyond recognition, while you prepare to welcome a tiny new person into the world.

And now you’ve got lots of questions buzzing around in your head that need answering…

  • I got really drunk in the first three months – will my baby be ok?
  • Can I still eat runny eggs and smoked salmon?
  • Exactly how much does labour hurt?
  • What’s an episiotomy?
  • Are likes inevitable?
  • Can I still have sex when I’m huge? And will I enjoy it?

This book is absolutely jam packed with important information. It answers all of the questions that most pregnant women ask and includes every aspect of advice you’ll probably ever need.

Who needs a bestfriend to ask questions to when you have a book with all the answers already written for you? – winning!

Everything written in this book you will need to know if you are pregnant or trying to concieve, including: antenatal care, symptoms, your baby’s growth, what to do and what not to do, work life, sex life, planning for labour, recovering after labour, PND and much much more.

What do I like about the book? 

I love the fact that this book is full of honest opinions and experiences by the authors themselves who are also both mothers. I think it’s important that when you write, you write about things that are relevant to you and this is exactly what the authors of this book have done.

I really like the way that the book is set out, the contents page is incredibly detailed and the chapters are layed out in dated order – all the way from conceiving the baby right up until after labour day. 

I like how there is questions and answers on near enough every page, reassuring you that the issues you’re having are most probably normal and that you’re not alone.

Not only is this book full of useful information, it is also absolutely hilarious to read..

Chapter 1 “His sperms hit the target. You’ve got the positive test result. And the excitement (or shock, depending on your initial reaction) is starting to sink in. But what now?” 

I thought that this was such a funny way of saying “congratulations, you’re pregnant” but at the same time, so true.

Overall my favourite part of the book would definitely be the “birth stories” written towards the end of the book – I think that it’s really interesting to read about other people’s birth stories and how they can all be so incredibly different.

My labour was very quick with my daughter very nearly being born in the car, whereas you get some women who are in labour for 40+ hours (I feel for you, my labour was 2hrs 10mins and that was bad enough). It just goes to show that every pregnancy, birth, baby & parent are all so different.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it to anybody who is pregnant (especially first time parents), trying to concieve or have just had a baby. This book is not only aimed at the women, but is suitable for the dads to read to – I think it’s important that the other parent reads this too.

I have read quite a few pregnancy / parenting books and this one is by far the most detailed and honest book I’ve read yet, however I do wish this was published before I had my babygirl as this would have been a gods send but I will definitely be rereading this when I have my second baby. I think alot of pregnancy books can often be quite ‘text book style’ and ‘patronising’  but I found this book calming and reassuring to read, if you suffer with anxiety like myself, you will know for sure that you’re not alone.

All i can say is that if you only ever read one pregnancy book, make it this one!

This book would make a brilliant gift at just £12.99 a copy.

You can buy these online at:


Disclaimer – I was sent this book to review & all thoughts and opinions are of my own.

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  1. April 11, 2017 / 10:28 am

    This sounds so interesting and lovely review, I so wish I had this for when I was pregnant haha 😀 my regret is that I wish I had enjoyed pregnancy more and worried less, and known that it was okay to feel grossed out the moment of birth and not bond for the first months <3 I put so much pressure on myself but I am so grateful I got to have an epidural and it went okay haha! I love your blog! 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    • April 12, 2017 / 11:54 pm

      Thank you so much. So glad you like my posts! I agree with you there, I wish I enjoyed my pregnancy more but looking to focus more on that with my next. Giving birth is so amazing but pretty gross as you say – the bonding didn’t hit me until the evening, and then I sobbed for ages haha! Xx

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