Choosing Prints for the Girls Nursery with Desenio

Choosing Prints for the Girls Nursery with Desenio

Ever since I found out I was having another baby girl, I have been determined to decorate and completely transform Alyssia’s bedroom into a nice, calm, chilled out area for the two of them (they will be sharing after all, perks of being a big sister hey) .. a little back story for you all.. when we first moved into our flat, the bedroom was a lilac colour and I loved it.

We didn’t bother to change anything as we were expecting a little girl and it all totally worked, though I decided to put my stamp on it by adding wall stickers etc (big mistake) .. it looked nice at first but when you want to change it up a little, having stickers stuck on the wall isn’t a great idea as they peel the paint off leaving you with the job of either covering it or redecorating completely, that’ll teach me.

We then decided that as Alyssia got a little bit older, she needed something a little less ‘babyish’ .. we went with a hot pink and it totally took over the room, it was such an overpowering, strong colour but I learnt to love it and that was that. Quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of redecorating again especially as it took my partner quite a bit of persuading in the first place, oops.

Here are the two colours we had before:

Finally when we found out we were expecting baby girl #2 we I decided that it was the right time to crack out the paint, though this time I wanted to play it safe. We went with white walls, white ceiling, white everything just so that I can be that little bit more lenient with decor and colour schemes if I ever change my mind again which is more than likely.

I don’t really know the theme of the girls bedroom, it’s basically animals and flowers but in a cute, chilled out way. The main colours are coral pink, teal and white. I based the colour scheme on a poster that I fell in love with originally.

As you walk in there’s a little built in wardrobe to your left and a toy storage unit to your right with the much koala poster above. Next to that is the window with owl curtains, these are due an upgrade as they don’t match the room at all. I’m hoping to get a blind or some cute little tie back curtains in light pink. If you turn around and walk into the bedroom fully, you’ve got 3 walls. Alyssia’s bed is up against the left hand wall and baby girls cot will eventually go up on the right hand side once I can afford to get Alyssia a bigger bed (her cot bed will go back into a cot for babygirl).

Above both of their beds there are 2 big posters on wall hangings, above Alyssia there is a cute little swan and above baby girl there is a flamingo both in which I love. In between the 2 posters I have put a shelf up where I have displayed some super cute prints in frames that I got from Desenio.

I got a Numbers Pink Poster and a Little Koala Poster to go in the smaller frames as I thought they would be super cute for the shelf alongside the Born To Be Wild print that I am obsessed with. It’s definitely one of my faves. They also look quite cute in the bedroom window.

Over the other side of the room on the wall where baby girls cot will be, there are 2 wall prints.. a pink elephant print which I thought was super cute and a miss bunny print to go with it. The lighting isn’t great and this photo doesn’t do it much justice but the prints really are gorgeous in real life.

I was really hoping to have finished the girls bedroom by now and feel so sad that it’s not done but she won’t be in there until she’s at least 6 months anyway and with money being the main reason why we haven’t been able to complete it all, I’m thinking of doing the rest around christmas time if I can, I might even manage to grab a few bits in the sales this way. You know what I’m like when it comes to a bargain.

We live in a flat so it’s hard to find the room for everything, but despite the girls bedroom not being completed it feels SO much nicer and so much bigger with white walls and pretty pictures. I’ve got some super cute bedding sets from Hurn and Hurn for the girls and I can’t wait to get it all finished and complete. I’ll be adding photo’s of the bedroom over on my Instagram as and when we add things to it so make sure you’re following me over there so you don’t miss them.

Which Desenio print was your fave?

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*this is a sponsored post with Desenio.


  1. Susan Wood
    August 15, 2018 / 7:14 pm

    Lovely post as usual, I think the colour scheme for Alyssia and baby girl is lovely. You have excellent taste Zoe xx

  2. September 14, 2018 / 9:18 am

    What a gorgeous room! Love the pastel coloured animal theme – the prints are stunning.

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