5 weeks until Christmas, woooo! (I’m not counting or anything!) I’ve pretty much finished my Christmas shopping, I just have a few more bits to get. Men are so hard to buy for if you dont go straight for a lynx set and some socks so I’ve put together a few ideas if you’re struggling to think of things to buy.

Lynx Set – We might aswell start with the standard Christmas gift for men. Is it even Christmas if you dont receive at least one lynx set? They love it really though don’t they. You can buy them from places like Amazon, Superdrug, Tesco etc.

Socks – again, pretty standard and a great stocking filler.

Bluetooth headphones – these seem to be quite popular at the minute, I recently bought some for my partner to wear to work and he loves them. They were from Aldi for just £15.

NextBase Dashcam – This would be a great present if they drive, I got one for my brother earlier on in the year and he absolutely loves it. It records your journey and is the strongest and most efficient proof you could have for defending yourself in the case of a car accident. You could also help in witnessing an incident ahead with your dash cam or even just use it to record your journeys if you’re going on a road trip.

Mr Grumpy Mug Set – I saw this Mr Grumpy Mug and Socks set in B&M and I thought it was quite funny. This would be great for a grumpy grandad, don’t you think?

Baylis & Harding Fuzzy Duck – I love this little set and thought it would make a great gift for a man in your life. It has quite a manly scent (pepper & oud) and comes with 100ml shampoo, 100ml body wash, 50ml aftershave balm and 50ml of shower gel as well as the blue washbag.

Playstation store credit – I asked my partner for some ideas as to what he thinks a man would like for Christmas and he said PS4 or xbox points, this would be perfect if you have a man in your life that loves gaming.

Pringles Ultimate Snack Stack – A novelty gift but quite practical, I don’t think you can go wrong with 8 tubs of pringles in all the different flavours. Sour cream and chive will always be my fave though!

American Candy / Chocolate – B&M have quite a good range of American sweets and you can’t go wrong with a tub of heroes or a pick and mix.

I’m still struggling for ideas myself so if you can suggest anything that you think would make a good christmas gift for a man, leave me a comment below.

*some items mentioned were gifted/discounted for the purpose of this review.

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