Christmas Planning & Rambling on.

Christmas Planning & Rambling on.

Its November, Halloween is over and that means we can focus on Christmas. I started my christmas shopping months ago, not seriously but just picking up a few bits & bobs for Alyssia in the sales (yes I’m that mum).. But it wasn’t until last week that I suddenly thought… oh my god, I am not organised one little bit. I haven’t a clue whats happening, who we’re seeing, who we’re not seeing, what I’m buying, what I’m not buying, and there’s only just over a month to go.. therefore it is time to get organised.

I wrote down a list of what I had already bought & what I needed to buy for Alyssia, spoke to my other half & then ordered the rest. If I’m honest we didn’t go mad this year, It’s Alyssia’s 2nd christmas and she turns 2 in February so with her birthday being so close we thought we would save the bigger/better presents for her birthday. I wanted to get her a wooden kitchen & then ask family to get her some accessories for it but I’m still indecisive. Let’s get christmas out of the way first, I can’t cope with the thought of my baby being 2 already.

So that’s Alyssia sorted, all I need to get for her now is the items for her Christmas Eve box, her stocking *oh no wait, that’s Santa’s job* & possibly a few more jumpers & tights for the winter. It’s Robs birthday this month as well so I have ordered his presents & sorted that. I just need to plan what I’m going to get him for Christmas? I honestly do not have a clue. We’ve had a big sort out and are going to be giving a lot to charity this month too otherwise we will literally be swimming in stuff & will not have room to move in this flat. I hate clutter and would rather shove it all in a cupboard but when you pile it up so high that it all falls down when you open the door, it’s pretty pointless especially when you don’t use the stuff anyway – why do I even have it in the flat? Is anybody else like this? Surely I’m not the only one.

We have got a family calendar so I’ve started to fill that in, in regards to christmas events its just a case of making sure Rob isn’t working so we can go as a family. I’m looking forward to visiting the garden centres & looking at all the lights now that Alyssia is a little bit older, not only that I’m looking forward to trying the Christmas Costa hot chocolates.. I might even try a latte, pretty good going for somebody that hates coffee.. watch this space. Christmas really is my favourite time of the year however I do find it very emotional and hard to deal with too, I think that’s why I try my best to keep myself busy. Again, I know I’m not alone with this. Christmas is such a hard time for a lot of families but all the lights & the christmas cheers make it so much better and seeing Alyssia smile is literally the best thing. I feel like we’ve have gotten so much closer recently, the bond is just incredible. Despite the fact that she is going through the ‘Terrible Twos’ at 1 years old, she has really warmed to me recently & is more my little friend now. She wants to do everything with me, she even helps me put the washing on & when I’m cleaning she will go round with her wetwipes & the dustpan and brush. She wants to cuddle all the time and nap with me on the sofa, she really is a mummy’s girl & I can’t help but feel so full, my heart is full and I never knew what that meant before I had her.

I seem to be going off track, I’m supposed to be talking about christmas planning not emotional mum stuff – anyway, if you haven’t already started your christmas shopping you need to get a move on. I used to love christmas shopping but doing it all with a toddler, or even just the pushchair infact is pretty hard work so if you want my advice, stick to amazon prime & online shopping, you’ll probably have a few comments from your postmen/delivery men but that’s their job & hey, it’s christmas so its acceptable. Amazon has been my life saver this year, struggling with anxiety as a parent has been and is still really tough but when you can order from your own home it makes the experience so much better now all I’ve got to do is pop to the shop for wrapping paper, or you could order that too?

How do you do your christmas shopping? Do you hit the shops or do you order it online?



  1. SusanWood
    November 9, 2017 / 8:40 pm

    As you yo know I am a shop shopper generally a last minute on Doh! but I get therein the end. I am glad you are doing so well an I am oh so proud of you. Happy Christmas shopping and the Costa Billionaires Latte is really nice, so is their Billioniares chocolate. I have tried they are mmmmm. xx

    • November 9, 2017 / 8:43 pm

      Haha I hate shop shopping when there’s big crowds, online shopping works well for me however I do seem to spend alot haha! Just bought Alyssia a mini dustpan & brush set in pink as she loves to help me out. It was a bargain £10 on Amazon. Thank you so much, we went to Costa yesterday and I had the mint hot chocolate, I really want to try the billionaires latte but I don’t like coffee.. decisions decisions. ?? xx

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