Christmas Shopping: Online VS High Street

I have started my christmas shopping finally (I am definitely starting earlier next year – note to self) however I have been doing the majority of it online. If you know me, you’ll know I suffer with anxiety and hitting the shops is not my kind of fun infact I would much rather stay in bed with a hot chocolate and order from the comfort of my own home. I bought most of Alyssia’s online, Amazon has become my new best friend. My partner had a day off work the other week and we planned to go shopping but then I realised it was Black Friday and completely freaked out at the thought of the shops being so busy so we decided to hold off until Cyber Monday where the majority of people would be doing what I do best, ordering from the comfort of their own home.

But we braved it, we hit the shops and managed to get quite a bit for our money well kind of. We went to a few shops including home bargains, I got more for myself than I did for christmas presents though so that was a fail but I did manage to get Alyssia a few bits for her Christmas Eve box which I showed you all on my Instagram Stories. We also went to Next and I got the biggest bargain ever (in my eyes) I got Alyssia a Β£28 BEAUTIFUL denim jacket with embroidered flowers for just Β£8. I was so so happy and I’m going to save it back for Christmas or her birthday in February! I’ve got my eye on a few things I’d like to get her for her birthday, one being a cath kidston bag and the other being a wooden kitchen – a lot of people have said their little ones love theirs so I’m confident she will too.Β We drove about an hour in the pouring rain to get to our nearest home bargains (I had never been before) and we didn’t manage to get many christmas presents at all so I’m back to doing what I do best.. Amazon shopping! I did however manage the whole shop (near enough) without a panic attack, I kept my cool and focused on myself and nobody else. I definitely need to test myself like this more often because I CAN do it.

I often feel like I’m quite alone when it comes to anxiety, I can’t just take a spontaneous trip to the shops because I would freak out. My Anxiety would 100% get the better of me and that sucks. It’s not nice at all and I hope that one day I will be able to do it, just not at the minute. I don’t tend to go shopping alone, I always drag my partner along with me or ask my mum if she would like to come. I get anxious very quickly and a lot of the time I’ve decided I want to go home before I’ve even got there. As a bid to overcome my anxiety, I wanted to know what other people do when it comes to Christmas. Does everybody hit the shops or do you order from the comfort of your own home too? I asked on Twitter and Instagram and it was quite a close draw however the majority of you said you prefer going out and doing it yourself. This has made me even more determined to get myself together and push through the anxiety because I want to be like you guys & be able to just go and do it. I’m aware I’m not the only person going through this but it really can be so lonely sometimes when you see everybody else doing things without even thinking. As much as I love ordering through Amazon, I need to challenge myself and I think that’ll be my 2018 goal.


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  • As you I generally end doing my Christmas present shopping in the last week or so for various reasons. One day I will get round to do it earlier, which is what I use to do, but for the last few years it has been all done in the last couple of weeks but I do eventually get there. For me it is a case of not having a clue what to buy, then….inspiration and I manage to get it all done. Luckily I have made a start this year, so roll on Christmas.

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