Christmas Tree Decorating & Date Night

Christmas Tree Decorating & Date Night

When you have a toddler date nights where you go on cinema dates & have drinks out aren’t really a thing so you have to do them at home. Date nights aren’t something we used to bother with much as having a toddler means we are always on our feet and by the time it comes to bedtime, we’re shattered, rob plays his playstation and I do my blog work but even though we’re in the same room together, we’re not really spending any time together. As it’s nearly christmas now and the wait is over, we can finally put the christmas tree up yayyy! Originally I wanted it to be a family thing where we get Alyssia involved and help with the tree decorating but she is only little and I didn’t want her to fiddle with everything while we try and decorate it so we decided to make a date night of it & spend some time just me and rob decorating it. We had pizza for dinner just the two of us, watched our evening soaps and then decorated the tree together. This is our 3rd christmas in this flat, Alyssias 2nd christmas and we are so excited this year. Last year Alyssia was only 9 months old so she didn’t really understand and we had to put the coffee table in the way of the tree so stop her pulling all the baubles off. This year I’m hoping she will enjoy it and listen to me when I tell her to put the baubles back (fingers crossed). She’s been pretty good so far and has attempted to put them back when I’ve asked her although she did steal 2 chocolates off the tree and ate them as well as her advent calendar, cheeky monkey.

We like to be different so we’ve got a small white tree with a mixture of baubles, silver, turquoise, white and gold. I’m rubbish with coordination so our tree is imperfectly perfect, right? Just go with it. I am loving the cosy evenings and the warm drinks, I don’t want this to end however I am not liking the fact that I am always cold, our heating bill is going to be high this month I can tell. Last night I stayed up until 1am choosing and buying presents online, my bank is feeling pretty sorry for itself right now but I’m all of a sudden feeling a mad rush. Anybody else struggling this year? Ahhhh.


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  1. Susan Wood
    December 9, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    Lovely !

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