Christmas with a Toddler A-Z

Christmas with a Toddler A-Z

A – Angel 

Mummy’s little angel, apparently? That’s what they all think anyway..

B – Boxes 

Boxes? Yes Boxes, you’ll buy your little ones all the presents in the world & they’ll still want to play with the box it came in.

C – Christmas 

Obviously. The most magical time of the year.. Christmas is definetely better when you have children.

D – “Don’t touch” 

Don’t touch the tree, Don’t pull the baubles off, Don’t open the presents, just don’t..

E – Elf 

Elf on the shelf? Are you doing it this year? I can’t wait until Alyssia’s old enough to play.

F – Food

You spend your afternoon cooking a big christmas dinner for the family & then your toddler launches it across the room or point blank refuses to eat it… imagine.

G – Guilt

Mum Guilt, Dad Guilt, Parent Guilt whatever, we all get it. Have I bought enough? Have I made enough effort? Have I spent enough money? Yes, Yes & Yes.. you do you.. If you can only afford to get them one present, do it, if you want to get them 100, do it. Don’t feel guilty, do what’s best for you.

H – Holidays 

Whether that’s holidays from nursery, holidays from work or even just the christmas holidays with your family.

I – “It’s Christmassss!” 

Something I shout every year. Anything to get you in the christmas spirit.

J – Jumpers

Remember to wrap up warm this winter, buy them a christmas jumper & take a picture while they’re still cute.

K ??

L – Lights 

Christmas Lights of course, how pretty! Alyssia is loving all the lights.

M – Money 

Something we all run out of around christmas time, but remember we’re all in the same boat. Don’t let it get you down. Sometimes a simple message to say ‘Happy Christmas’ is better than a present anyway.. & hey, who cares if you’ve bought your children 1 present or 100? Like I said, they’ll probably just play with the box…

N – Naughty or Nice?

Have they been naughty or nice? Regardless of what they’ve done, its CHRISTMASSSS!

O- Orange

An orange in your stocking is a must, right?

P – Presents 

Obviously. I cannot wait to see Alyssia’s face on Christmas day.

Q – Quite stressful

I couldn’t think of anything for Q except for ‘Quite Stressful’ and to be honest, even that’s a lie – its VERY stressful.

R – Rudolf

*Rudolf the red nose reindeer, had a very shiny nose* Congratulations if that’s now stuck in your head, it’s stuck in mine too.

S – Santa

You take your little one to meet Santa and they freak out & cry the whole time… yup.. we’ve all been there.

T – Tantrums 

Lets just not. Alyssia has had multiple tantrums over me saying no to more than one advent chocolate a day.

U ??

V ??

W – Winter Wonderland 

Is anybody else going to visit Santa this year? We are!


Hugs & Kisses and lots of them.

Y ??

Z ??

I couldn’t think of anything for K, U, V, Y, Z. I know, I know I’m awful but if you can come up with any, let me know in the comments & I’ll fill in the gaps. Happy Christmas Everyone! 



  1. Susan Wood
    December 18, 2017 / 4:06 pm

    K = Kisses and cuddles you have with Alyssia, and your better half under the mistletoe.
    U = Unexpected surprise presents.
    V, = Very very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
    Y= You and your lovely family enjoying a proper family Christmas together.
    Z= 7 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s until Christmas!!!!!!!

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