Common Body Changes During Pregnancy & Varicose Vein Treatment

During pregnancy there are so many things that happen to your body that you won’t realise are as common as they are, I’m forever asking other mums whether they went through the same thing or asking google if so and so is normal.. so I figured I would put together a list of things that are more common than you think..

Skin Changes like Acne, Varicose Veins etc – they say if you’re having a girl you’ll be stuck with bad skin throughout your pregnancy as your baby girl ‘steals your beauty’ but this isn’t always the case, you can get acne when you’re pregnant no matter what you’re having. One thing that I enjoy doing more when I’m pregnant is moisturising as I do get really dry skin. Nivea creams tend to do the trick but I’ve also been using child’s farm moisturisers and the SOS stretch mark defence creams for my stretch marks. Varicose Veins are also quite common during pregnancy, they are unusually swollen veins that usually appear on your legs/thighs. If you’ve been on your feet all day you may start to feel your feet throb by the end of the night this could be down to varicose veins. They do tend to improve once you have had your baby but if not there are varicose vein treatments available.

Hair & Nails – I didn’t realise how thick my hair would get, I went from having thin straw like hair to hair that is thicker than a lion’s mane. I’ll be honest, I don’t have to wash it as much now that I’m pregnant and dry shampoo is a great way of doing it if you’re in a rush or just simply can’t be bothered. My nails are growing faster than ever, this fascinated me last time and has done even more so this time around but I can’t stop biting them. Oops!

Clothes – I know you’re supposed to grow and make room for a bump but can you believe I am already cracking out the maternity clothes and I’m only just half way through. I am going to be huge!

Bra Size – Your boobs grow, it’s a given really and one of the very first symptoms that a lot of women get before they even know that they’re pregnant. Invest in a comfy maternity bra, I have 2 from JoJo Maman Bebe and they are honestly the comfiest bra’s in the world they’re also suitable for nursing once baby has arrived.

Hunger – Again, we’ve all heard of cravings and we’ve all heard of the term ‘eating for two’ but they don’t recommend that anymore, you only need an extra half of toast and you’re set for the day. I am doing quite well in that I’m not craving anything bad and I would get fruit non stop if I could but I just can’t stop snacking.

Mood Swings – Oh yes. Do I dare say anymore? They’re happening and I think my partner knows it too.. Overall I have felt quite chilled out this pregnancy but when I’m snappy, I’m snappy there’s no going back. Just go along with it and all will be fine!

SPD – I didn’t realise how common this was until I found myself googling ‘hip pain during pregnancy’ and then read up about other women who have been through the same. I definetely feel like I’ve got it this time, not too badly but enough to notice that it’s a problem. If I keep myself active I’m okay but if I suddenly stop and rest I’ll end up not being able to walk for a good day or so which isn’t nice at all.

So there are a few things listed.. have you been through anything during your pregnancy that you thought was less common than it is?

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