Cosy Christmas Ideas

Cosy Christmas Ideas

Is there anything better than wrapping up warm and getting cosy in your own home? Christmas is rapidly approaching and I am really enjoying the evenings leading up to it. Each night I’ve been getting into my PJ’s, turning on the christmas lights and lighting a candle whilst sitting down with a hot chocolate, is there anything better?

I have been feeling so festive ever since we put the tree up and now that the days are getting colder and its starting to snow out there, it’s been so nice to just snuggle up. Pinterest has been amazing for cosy inspiration and Its made me feel all warm just looking at it.

Living Room Inspo: Adding Cushions, blankets, rugs etc to your living room will make you feel all snug and warm. I have seen some really lovely christmas decor in Matalan recently and it has been so hard not to buy it all. Another way that you can make it feel all cosy is by adding candles, I picked up a Wax Lyrical Candle in our local garden centre for just £10 it’s a two wick and it is really pretty, I also picked up 2 more candles (I know I’m an addict) one with a gold lid that smells like winter in a jar & another from Home Bargains in the scent ‘Gingerbread’ and I honestly cannot tell you how amazing it smells, it was just £2.99 and I wish I had picked up 10, seriously divine.

Bedroom Inspo: You can add small features into your bedroom like fairy lights, they look really nice wrapped around the bed frame. Asda have some really lovely bedding in at the moment and I have been loving the festive vibes. Whilst we’re talking about bedding, I think I have also found my dream bed (crushed velvet, ahhh). Adding candles into the bedroom is a lovely way of making it cosy but new bedding, a comfy bed & pj’s do the trick.

Kitchen Inspo: Now I wasn’t really sure how I could add festive vibes into my kitchen but just giving it a good clean every night, spritzing it with Zoflora in Winter Morning Scent, turning off the lights and lighting a candle (the gingerbread one, of course) makes it feel so nice and cosy. Baking is always nice to do before christmas too.

Bathroom Inspo: Again, spritz it. Make it smell nice and make it a nice place to be. I recently gave my bathroom a bit of a spruce by adding shelves and changing it up a little, now I love it. Pop into Lush, grab yourself a nice festive bath bomb, do what I do best and light a few candles and finally.. relax..

I am feeling so christmassy now, what about you?




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  1. Susan Wood
    December 13, 2017 / 6:40 pm

    Sounds so lovely comfy and Christmassy xx

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