Day In The Life Of A Young Mum

Day In The Life Of A Young Mum

Being a Stay At Home Mum is hard, don’t get me wrong I love the fact that I can stay at home with my little girl but its hard in that nothing about my day is mine. My life revolves around everybody else, waking up in the morning I have to decide whether to quietly get up before the toddler or wait until the very last minute before she shouts my name and then spend the rest of the day trying to catch up with all the housework?

I don’t get chance to eat when I’m hungry, I have to make sure Alyssia has eaten first & that she’s settled for a grand total of 2 minutes before I can find myself something (anything) to eat & even then half of it is stolen by the toddler that’s if I haven’t left the room to eat it in a secret hiding place. I have to cram all of my blog work into the space of 2 hours whilst the toddler naps (that’s if she naps).

I spend my day worrying about whether or not I’ve spent enough time with her, or if I’ve spent too much time with her and slacked with the housework, the mum guilt is real. I have to remember to shut the bathroom door every time I’ve been to the loo because Alyssia likes to shut herself in there & put things down the toilet (like daddy’s socks, brill). I have to remember to feed the toddler, occupy the toddler, do as much as I can with the toddler, tidy/clean the house, wash all of our clothes & then remember to dry them, pay the bills, do the food shop etc… the list goes on..

Absolutely nothing about my day is mine anymore. Not even my body, I mean that ship sailed 2 years ago when I p*ssed on a stick, right? I’ve shared my body in every possible way for the last 2 years and it shows. I guess its only natural to feel some level of frustration in the role that staying at home kind of places us in, I think I would love to leave the house without the toddler every once in a while (not that my anxiety will let me, but hey). I’ve always wondered why I thought being a SAHM was hard when I should be happy that I get to stay at home with my little girl every day, I should feel “lucky” but actually it turns out that after speaking to a lot of other mums on here, I’m definitely not alone with this feeling.

I thought it would be amusing to share our day in the life with you all. First of all lets just start by saying that being a Stay At Home Mum is one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done. My lovely partner is always winding me up by saying that he’s at work all day while I’m at home ‘sat on my arse’. (I know he’s joking but it does get to me sometimes) so I figured I would share with you (& my partner) what its like being mum.


3 am – I usually wake up around this time every night, whether that be to go for a wee or because Alyssia has had yet another nightmare. I try and go to bed before midnight every night but that’s quite often a struggle when I have a list of jobs as long as my arm to cross off.

7.30 – Daddy goes to work which of course means that the whole house needs to know about it, this is our morning wake up call. All I can hear is Rob asking stupid questions like “Where’s my work top?” or Alyssia shouting “Mummmmmyyyyyy” and that’s when I know its time to get up.

8 am – Breakfast time! Alyssia usually has toast for breakfast but when the Asda delivery man doesn’t turn up with our bread, that’s not always possible (thanks for that Asda). I don’t usually eat breakfast, I probably should try & set a good example for Alyssia but I struggle to eat in a morning due to my anxiety.

8.15 am – Time to get dressed. I chase Alyssia around the house trying my very hardest to get her dressed without her trying to take it all off again (her new thing is taking her arms out of her tops & pulling her socks off, brill)

8:30 am – I pack away the dishes from the night before & dettol the kitchen sides making sure that it’s all clean and tidy whilst Alyssia has fun trashing the rest of the house (give me strength)

8:45 am – I put our first load of washing on for the day, Alyssia usually helps by either taking it all back out again (the joys) or by pushing the drawer shut once I’ve put the fabric softener in (we use comfort if you really want to know).

9 am – I take my medication & have a snack – If I don’t eat with my tablets, I will most probably feel sick for the rest of the day. (These are antidepressants btw, good old PND). Alyssia usually watches Cbeebies for a bit before getting out every single toy she can find & then running away.

9:30 am – We usually sit down & play with her toys (I build a tower & she destroys it or I try to read her a story & she runs off with the book – that kinda thing)

10 am – Alyssia has a snack, usually a narna (banana) & a drink of water.

11am – Nap time! Woooohooooo (joke) I run around like a headless chicken trying to get as many toys picked up and packed away as I can, and then do the same with the rest of the house that has been trashed in the mean time so I can get my laptop out and start working on the blog. I check my social media accounts, reply to as many comments/messages as I can & do the same with my emails. I send out any emails that need to be sent & start by re-reading any blog posts that I have written at stupid o’clock with my eyes half open.

12pm – Lunchtime, Cbeebies is good at reminding me for that “whats on your plate….” mum brain *oh sh#t yeah its lunchtime, should probably wake the child up from her nap & feed her* – parenting 101

1pm – Alyssia gets all of her toys out again & trashes the house while I continue folding the washing that has just finished drying in the tumble dryer. I put on another load of washing & start all over again.

2 – 5 pm – The house is a tip despite spending most of the morning tidying it & then yay… Daddy finishes work and approaches me with the question “what have you done today?” I pretty much spend my days re doing all the things I did the day before, I play with Alyssia, do all the housework, make sure we’ve got a full fridge & food in the cupboards whilst trying to manage all the bills & work on the blog. I occasionally have time for a shower but that’s not usually until about 10pm at night (we’ll get there eventually).

5.30pm – Dinner time, I always aim to get dinner on the table by 5.30 every day. I meal plan each week so I always know what we’re having for dinner however it doesn’t always go to plan especially when you unexpectedly go out for the day or you have a toddler pulling at your legs whilst you’re trying to cook dinner. Chances are the one day I go out of my way to cook a meal from scratch, the toddler won’t bloody eat it or the OH will moan.

6pm – Bathtime, this usually results in the floor, the walls, oh and mummy getting soaked… Alyssia is a massive fan of the jug at the minute & is loving pouring water everywhere (its all fun & games really).

6.20 pm – we get out of the bath, get dressed into pj’s (don’t even bother trying to get a toddler into a sleepsuit, because it probably wont work for you either) we sit & watch ITNG, Alyssia’s new favourite programme & I attempt to help her brush her teeth (she doesn’t want mummy to help, she’s a big girl now)

7pm – Bedtime (blissss) Alyssia goes to bed happily by herself every night, she waits for mummy to make her some milk & then toddles off to bed after saying goodnight to everyone.

7:15pm – Alyssia is in bed but #mumlife never ends.. Off I go again picking up all of the toys that have been taken out of the toy boxes, I tidy the living room, tidy the kitchen & sweep all the floors.

7.30pm – We sit down and watch the soaps or whatever is on TV and chill out but I’m never really relaxing, I’ve got work to do, blog posts to write, emails to reply to.

8pm – After Alyssia is finally out for the count, I struggle to know what to do with myself.. I miss her as soon as she’s gone to bed and never know whether to celebrate with the OH or just get into bed & go straight to sleep. Usually I choose sleep because I know I’ll be up at 3am with Miss Alyssia but occasionally we have a quick cuddle before returning to our devices that we have been without for most of the day and then I fall asleep (the joys)..

3am – Repeat.

So please don’t ask me again, “What have you done today?” …




  1. Susan Wood
    August 9, 2017 / 9:38 pm

    You are a brilliant mother Zoe you have taken to it and got it sussed, like a duck to water. A brilliant example to other mothers. Love you loads xx

  2. August 10, 2017 / 12:04 am

    Take it from someone who did both – staying at home is SO much harder. I used to work three days a week and absolutely hated my days off because I just wasn’t used to it, and I preferred to have “adult time” (not in a dodgy way, god) and actually speak to other adults about things that didn’t involve Mr Tumble or some other child related topic.

    I hope your other half helps out when he gets home! Anthony works all week and I still let him (force him?) to get up with and put Oscar to bed, as it’s the only time he has with him anyway, and more importantly, he always does the dishes because, I mean, who likes doing that? Not me.

    You sound like you’re doing a bloody fantastic job Zoe, and Alyssia is an absolute credit to you. I’m a few years older and haven’t got my shit together half as much haha!

    Much love X

    • August 10, 2017 / 12:08 am

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment Fern. Oh gosh, adult time without Mr Tumble is so rare & even when it does happen you’re bound to have the bloody theme tune stuck in your head. Rob does help out, he takes the bins out & also does the dishes each night because like you say – who likes doing that? Not me either. Thank you so so much for your lovely comment, you are doing a brilliant job too. Lots of love back. X

  3. August 10, 2017 / 9:50 am

    Hey Zoe

    Thank you for sharing this, I could relate to so much (especially the forever picking up their toys lol), having just stopped working to become a SAHM it is definitely true that being a SAHM is NOT easier than working! Keep up the good work, you’re doing an amazing job, you’re so inspirational <3

    Katie Xo

    • August 10, 2017 / 9:52 am

      Aw thank you so much Katie. It is really good to know that I’m not alone with all of this & that our routines are actually quite similar. You are also doing an amazing job, keep being you. ? xx

  4. August 24, 2017 / 11:10 pm

    Gosh you are so not alone. This sounds like my typical day too… My anxiety makes it hard for me to leave the house with my son too, so I’m always worried he’s not out and about enough as well.

    It’s bloody tough being a mum but I can honestly say by the sounds of it you are doing an amazing job and you should be very proud!

    Sarah |

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