Designing your dream home

I recently had a weird and wacky thought pop into my head and was thinking about how cool it would be to design your whole house from scratch. We're talking kitchen taps to exterior staircases, a real renovation project but with everything you ever wanted within a home. Wouldn't that be a dream! As a child I was forever designing things on paper, wishing that they would one day come to life. I was reading an article the other day and realised that with the right time, knowledge, money and equiptment it is possible for some people. (Believe it or not!) I saw a post specifically talking about staircases, I had no idea there were so many different kinds and ended up coming across things like staircase balustrade kits in the process, things I had never heard of before.

I love designing things and even now I love looking at floor plans when looking at houses to buy. (Again, not something that is do-able right now but looking makes me feel positive) it got me thinking, what would your floor plan look like if you could design your dream house? What a question! My dream house would have:

  • A minimum of 4 bedrooms. (A bedroom for us, one for each of the girls and an office. 5/6 bedrooms would mean that we would be able to have a games room and a storage room (lets face it, we all need a storage room don't we)
  • 3 bedrooms, an ensuite for us, an upstairs bathroom and a downstairs toilet for guests/everyday use.
  • a dining room where we can all sit together and eat dinner as a family without the TV being such a big distraction.
  • a playroom for the children and their toys, it is so difficult to keep a living room and bedrooms tidy when there are toys everywhere. Having a playroom would mean (ideally) that only one room gets trashed by the kids.
  • a nice living area with a fireplace where we can chill out in the evenings.
  • a utility room where the washing can be done out of the way.
  • a pantry for food, I've seen so many lovely pantry ideas on pinterest and would love to be able to put everything in glass jars etc.
  • a kitchen with a nice tap, one that you can move as they look much nicer and are easier to clean in my opinion.
  • a driveway that would fit 2 cars.
  • Most importantly, patio doors and a good sized garden. (Something I have always wanted)

What would you have in your dream home? Give us some specifics!Β 

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