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I have recently joined Pinterest, I’ve always loved Pinterest but have never really understood how to use it.. until now. I have been looking for inspiration for the flat and saw this ‘Ikea hack’ .. the book shelves in Ikea can be quite expensive so when I found these Spice Racks in Poundland I was quite excited to do some more ‘Mummy DIY’. My last DIY project on the blog was a No Sew Tutu which I made for my little girl, Alyssia.

Obviously, these spice racks cost just Β£1 in Poundland. I originally bought 3, 1 for an experiment and 2 for the real thing. I also bought some metallic acrylic paint but it didn’t really do much on the wood & I actually preferred them without the paint. Alyssia’s bedroom is bright pink so these would look lovely covered in white paint however when I didn’t have any, I decided to cover them in patterned paper instead.

You will need |
  • Spice Racks
  • Paint & Paintbrush
  • Or you can use patterned paper & a glue stick like I did..

This project cost me under Β£5 to make and if I’m honest, they look quite cool in Alyssia’s room. & This is what the final product looks like…

If you like my DIY posts, please let me know & I will be sure to continue writing them…


Thanks for reading,

Zoe x

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