Easy Ways To Save Money for A House in 2019

For many of us, this year is all about goals and making them happen. One of ours was to save enough money to move house, but it got us thinking about the costs of moving and what we would really have to pay out for. We only have a small car so we would need to hire a removals van, I had a quick google and this led me to read more about International removal costs. I found myself googling all sorts and it even got me thinking about moving to Spain or somewhere hot but realistically we will only be moving across town. With saving money being one of our main goals for this year, I wanted to share my top tips with you all. One of my all time favourite things to do is write a list or a plan, it makes me feel positive and excited for the future and I love ticking things off when I have achieved them. So here’s how we are saving money:

How I’m saving money:

Instead of being really vague and saying that my goal is to “save money” I have expanded on that and have written down why and how I am going to get there / what I need to think about before making big decisions. For example I would like to save enough money to move house, to do this I will need to assess my finances and cancel any pointless subscriptions. Another thing I love to do is round up / round down my bank balance, for example if I have Β£53.55 in my bank, I will take the Β£3.55 and transfer it into our savings account. Every penny counts when you’re saving for something big. Another thing I have done is listed the things that we would have to pay out for under my ‘move house’ goal which includes things like removal costs, a deposit, extra bills, new furniture etc. To summarise, here are my top tips:

My Top Tips for Saving money in 2019 – Cancel any subscriptions that you no longer use, e.g Amazon Prime, are you still paying for prime but haven’t used it in 6 months? Cancel it.
– Round up your bank balance & transfer it over to a savings account.
– Collect any random change and put it to the side.
– Meal Plan & Budget your shopping.
– Go on a spending ban & don’t buy anything that you don’t NEED.
– Sell your old things.
– Make it happen.

I hope this post helps you with some ideas on how to save money this year, as I said we would love to move house so I have been using alot of these tips myself. Budget shopping, rounding up your bank balance & cancelling old subscriptions are my top 3.

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