Eco Friendly Changes I’m making

I’ll never be a completely eco friendly guru but I am making small changes and thats better than nothing right? I wanted to share a few ways in which we are saving money / being more eco friendly so here goes:

– We have cut down on wetwipes and started using a warm flannel to wash down the kids faces and hands after dinner. Isabelle is a wet wipe dodger anyway but doesn’t seem to mind the flannel as much which is a win in itself.

– I’ve swapped antibacterial wipes for a spray and a cloth which we can rewash. It’s a bit of a faff as I hate having so much washing to do but its working and saving me money by not buying the wipes.

– I’ve also started using the toxin free sprays by method. They smell amazing and are much better for the environment however are quite pricey so I tend to stock up when they’re on offer.

– I’ve swapped my aerosol deodrant to a roll on which I am finding works much better and lasts alot longer!

– We have cut down on carrier bags, I used to pay 40p for carrier bags on my asda delivery as it made life easier for me and the driver but we then found that we had waaaaay too many bags in our cupboard and it seemed pointless to keep buying them. We stopped and just unloaded the shopping onto the kitchen floor. Asda then notified us that as of the end of July they’d no longer be offering carriers bags so it worked well really and instead if I need a hand and my partner is out they will help bring the shopping in which is good.

– I’ve been meal planning and trying to buy the right amount of food to stop food waste. We are also eating more veggies and less meat which is a nice change. The girls love their veggies as do I.

– I am forever opting for paperless billing so that it goes straight to your inbox instead of your letterbox as lets be honest alot of it goes straight in the bin anyway and its handy to be able to have it all on your phone.

– I’ve been turning off lights and switches etc when I can in a bid to save money.. (this makes me feel like a real adult!) Our last electricity bill was shockingly high. I’m actually considering changing companies, currently with British Gas but I’ve heard that bulb are quite good!

– I’ve been buying more wooden toys instead of plastic. If you know me, you’ll know I’m a huge fan. For Isabelles birthday I’ve bought a mixture of both but have made more of a conscious effort to make her main presents – wooden presents and I’ll be aiming to do the same at Christmas. I must admit wooden toys are a little pricier however if you shop the sales its totally worth it as they last so much longer. Even if you just swap 1 plastic toy for a wooden one you’re doing your bit.

– I recently donated four huge bags full of toys and clothes to the charity shop, sold a few bits on facebook and earnt some money from that and have also regifted things to family members instead of chucking it all out. Buying from charity shops and reusing toys that have been gifted is a great way of doing your bit not just for the environment but for the charity too.

– I bought / discovered a washing up liquid called ecover which I think is absolutely amazing, a bottle of ecover is more expensive than your average washing up liquid but if you get it when its on offer like I do then its worth it in my opinion. I’ve always battled with sensitive skin so swapping has made a huge difference to me.

So that was just a few small changes we have made so far. Let me know if you make any swaps.

1 thought on “Eco Friendly Changes I’m making

  • It’s good to do little things. I am sure they make a difference.
    I have stopped using wet wipes altogether. My girls are older and I was just using them out of laziness.
    I’ve stopped using carrier bags too. I think the supermarkets stopping sending them helped a bit with that one though. x

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