Eco Friendly Clothing | Ink Rocket

Eco Friendly Clothing | Ink Rocket

Eco Friendly? Yes that’s right… I was given the chance to review some extremely stylish Eco Friendly Clothing.

‘Do No Harm’ Tee for Mummy 

The First Product I received from Ink Rocket was a Tshirt for myself saying ‘Do No Harm’ on the front, this saying is extremely relevant to the world at the moment. With the recent terror attacks there seems like no better time to spread the simple message ‘Do No Harm’.

This T-shirt is available in 3 different colours, Khaki & White, Black & White and White & Red. It is priced at £20 and is 85% Cotton and 15% Viscose. I received the Khaki & White Tee, in which I love. This Tee would go perfectly with some skinny jeans or a pair of comfy leggings.


‘Look After My World’ Romper for Alyssia

The Second Product that I received from Ink Rocket was this gorgeous baby pink Romper for Alyssia in 12-18 months. Alyssia is nearly 17 months old so this fit her perfectly. This product is priced at just £17 which I think is reasonable. The Baby Romper is 100% cotton which is just amazing, when I am clothes shopping for my little girl I do usually tend to go for brands that use 100% cotton as I feel like this is better for her sensitive skin, so its always good to find a company that cater for our needs.

The Slogan has such a heartwarming meaning behind it too, it matches up with Mummy’s Tee of ‘Do No Harm’ I feel like they are so relevant at the minute and I have actually spoken quite a lot lately about our babies futures in regards to the recent terrorist attacks in the UK.

When we received our parcel (which I must add arrived just 2 days after ordering – amazing) I let Alyssia help me open it, she was so excited to see what was inside & when I told her that one was for her, her little face lit up as if Christmas had come early.

Here is a picture of Alyssia in her super cute ‘Look After My World’ Romper.


So what is so amazing about Ink Rocket? 

Ink Rocket are a family run business which was first inspired by a conversation with a very special five year old.

“Mummy, can we go to Africa?”

“If we save some pennies then maybe when you’re bigger” (imagining a burning desire to see an elephant)

“But I want to go now before it’s too late!”

“Yes sweetheart, I said yes didn’t I, maybe one day”

“No mummy, soon! Don’t you know that children in Africa have no food and no pennies and live in huts and sheds or on the side of the road? Big children look after little children because their mummies might be dead. I want to go and we can help them to know how to make houses from wood and bricks and find some better water to drink and give the poorly babies a cuddle and a get better kiss. We can give them my toys and my pocket money so they can get food”.

Clare says that her heart instantly filled with love and later on that evening they sat around the table as a family and agreed that they were all worried about various problems occurring in Africa. Clearly it wouldn’t be possible for Ink Rocket to solve all of Africa’s problems but on that day, they decided to help the best way they could by donating a percentage of every sale to causes that they care about. They also decided that the core range offered at InkRocket would, wherever possible, be sustainably made by companies who believed in respectful treatment and a fair wage for their workers. How amazing is that!

I was so inspired when I read the story behind InkRocket and I truly believe that is an amazing company to buy from as not only are you supporting their family run business but you are making a difference to the world too.

You can read more about the causes that they support here.

So what’s the verdict? 

Overall I am extremely happy with the products that we received. The Quality is amazing and they really do stick by their amazing slogan QUALITY. COLOUR. CONSCIENCE. The pricing is reasonable and is for such good causes, as I said above I am so inspired by the story behind this company so I would definitely recommend them to anybody, and especially to people who are looking to make a difference. Not only were the products brilliant but the customer service was outstanding too, the communication between myself and Clare was amazing and I was so impressed to see that our parcel had arrived just 2 days after ordering. I love my ‘Do No Harm’ Tee, and I will definitely continue to wear it with a pair of black skinny jeans. As for Alyssia, she looked pretty damn cute in the ‘Look After My World’ Romper and she will be getting a lot of wear out of that too. 

You can find Ink Rocket on their Website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
You can also find Clare’s personal blog here.


*Disclaimer – I was sent these products by Ink Rocket in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are of my own.


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