Help me choose a Logo with LogoJoy.

So now that my blog is starting to take off as it’s own business, I have been looking for the right logo to match my work. I am a parenting & lifestyle blogger which basically means I talk about all things toddler, mama & life in between. I’ve tried multiple times to get my logo right but I’m still not sure and finding the right logo with the right fonts, colours, icons etc – is hard. I was asked to trial a logo maker called LogoJoy, so I went ahead and had a little mess around. I actually really enjoyed it & have spent at least an hour or so designing little logo’s. When I was younger I was very much into designing & creating new logos, badges & name tags – we used to pretend we were in bands & come up with a band logo for the group *cringe* (I know) but it was good fun. I’ve always been rubbish at drawing so when it comes to online designs I’m all in. I’ve also come across a new logo maker app which is also really helpful.

As most of you know my blog/business is called ‘Mummy & Liss – Parenting &Β Lifestyle Blog’ this is a name that I came up with at 1’o’clock in the morning when my little one was fast asleep & I had the random urge to start a blog, I never thought it would take off like this but hey – here I am. LogoJoy is pretty good, you can choose your name (obviously) your colours, your design ‘type’ including fonts & little icons. You can also save them & make more than one to compare them at the end. I mention my Grandad quite a lot on the blog but he is a successful business man & has just asked me to design some new logo’s for him so this is ideal.

Whilst previewing my designs you can actually click on the photo’s below and it shows you what it would look like if it was printed on a phone, t-shirt & a notebook etc – how cool is that?! One day I do hope to get myself a mug or a sweatshirt (like the one above) with my logo on as I already have my own little wooden plaque saying ‘Mummy & Liss’ in which I adore. Since I am a blogger, a personalised notebook would be ideal. I would LOVE to get my hands on one of those. After playing around with various designs on the website, these are my favourites. I love the simplicity of it and love the little symbol that was made for me, it has two faces inside representing both myself & my daughter Alyssia. What I love most about LogoJoy is that no other logo will ever be the same, each logo is designed specifically for you and your business. I could honestly spend hours on this website. If you love designing & messing around with colours & fonts go over and check it out because it is totally worth it & totally FREE to design.

I made a logo on LogoJoy in which I am happy with, however because I already have an icon with a light pink theme & icons, I wasn’t sure if this was too much of a change. Is it me? Or is it totally not me? I have 3 logos one in which was made for me by a friend, and the other 2 that I made on LogoJoy, the 3rd with the help of some icons from Canva.. please help me choose: 1 or 2 or 3?



Please be honest & let me know your thoughts, your opinions really help me to improve.




*this is a collaborative post.Β 

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