Family Christmas Gift Guide

Family Christmas Gift Guide

It’s Christmasssss! (well nearly) and it’s one of the most magical times of the year, however its also a time where not all of us have a lot of money. If you’ve got a big family you’ll know what I mean when I say christmas is expensive, I am the oldest of 3 but my Auntie has 4 children & 2 step children and my Uncle has 2 children & 5 step children so as you can tell it’s quite hard trying to buy christmas presents for everyone. Last year we gave the 2 older children £10 each, and spent the same amount of money on the others. Before we knew it we had spent £60 just by having a budget of £10 per person. This year we have decided to do things a little differently and buy a gift from our family to theirs but it’s often quite hard to find a gift that will suit everyone so I have put together a little gift guide of things that you could buy for the whole family costing you a lot less than £10 each.

  1. Personalised Tea Towel – We all love a tea towel right? It’s an essential but what better way than to add style to your kitchen with a personalised tea towel, this & a box of chocolates and hey presto, you’re sorted.
  2. Personalised Chopping Board – If you’re anything like me then you will love a good chopping board, I am obsessed with cute chopping boards whether they’re personalised or heart shaped, I want them all.
  3. Family Portrait Dolls – These are something that I have recently discovered and I am in love with them, I really want to get a set myself but knowing that we want to expand our family soon I don’t want to buy them until we’ve completed our family however they are cute!!
  4. Food Shopping Gift Card – This is a little bit random don’t you think? Well last year we were given a food shopping gift card from our health visitor and it actually really helped us out. Christmas is an expensive time for everybody so why not give out a food voucher to a family that might need it in the new year.
  5. Personalised Baking Tray – How sweet is this baking tray? I am such a big fan of personalised gifts.
  6. Christmas Star – How cute would this look in your living room each year leading up to christmas?!
  7. Family Christmas Tree Decoration – These are cute and something you can put on your tree every year, we used to have a little fireplace with personalised names on when I was younger.
  8. Gruffalo Family Calendar – This might be a little cliche but its an essential really isn’t it? Without my calendar I would be lost. This calendar has columns for each family member and includes Gruffalo stickers, winner.

I hope this gift guide has helped a few of you out, I for one can’t afford to buy for every child in the family this year so we are going with family gifts. Do you have a big family to buy for?



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  1. Susan Wood
    November 30, 2017 / 10:13 pm

    Love it plenty of ideas for the family, thank you xx

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