Fathers day, crafts & nursery decor featuring Ellie from Crabbs Crafts.

The year has flown by pretty fast & Fathers day really did sneak up on me this year.. I was so unorganised and hadn’t planned anything for my own dad let alone my partner. That’s when Ellie from Crabbs Crafts saved the day. She organised and put together a father’s day hamper which contained:


  • A handmade scrabble frame
  • Bulmers cider
  • Budweiser beer
  • Lynx shower gel
  • Lynx deodorant
  • Malteasters
  • Minstrels
  • A father’s day mug
  • Big pack of trainer socks





I was so impressed with Ellie’s creativity, and how much effort and love that went into making this for us that I decided I would share it with you all.





 Fathers day 2017 was our second fathers day as a family of three, we had a lovely chilled morning where Alyssia gave her daddy his cards & presents in which was the amazing hamper that Ellie made for us. He absolutely loved it and it’s safe to say that the minstrels have already been demolished with help from myself (of course).

Alyssia walked to the shop with me on her reins which was pretty cool but also pretty damn challenging when you’re on your own and trying to juggle your shopping & toddler tantrums. We invited my dad & brother round for fathers day & we cooked a big Sunday roast which was lovely.

I was really impressed with the hamper that I received from Crabbs Crafts, along with the amazing customer service. We collected the hamper from her ourselves but I know that she does offer delivery if its needed. She will also post the product to you for a small extra cost if you would like. Ellie messaged me to make sure that everything was okay and that I was happy with the hamper. She also messaged me on fathers day and asked if my partner liked his fathers day gifts which I thought was really lovely of her. My partner was in fact very happy with his gifts and Alyssia enjoyed ripping up all the tissue paper that was in the bottom of the hamper. At first I thought ‘omg, shes made such a mess’ but instead of thinking like that, I let her play and we actually made it into a little sensory play session which she thoroughly enjoyed.

I asked Ellie if she would be happy to be featured on my blog alongside answering some questions for an Interview, she was more than happy to help out and provided me with the below answers.

Interview with Ellie from Crabbs Crafts

“Hi, I’m Ellie. I’m 23 years old and love all things craft.”
When did you first launch Crabbs Crafts & what made you do it?

I first launched Crabb’s Crafts back in June 2016. I had been off work for 4 months due to mental health issues and I was having weekly sessions with a private counsellor. My counsellor told me I should try and find a hobby which would occupy my mind, I had never had a hobby before so I wasn’t sure what to do!

I spent most days just sat in bed unable to do much. During one of those days I felt so unwell that I had to call my mum home from work, just so she could come and sit with me and reassure me. We were sat watching really rubbish TV, and something popped into my head that I wanted to sew a cushion. I had never really sewn before, I had always left it to my grandma. I sat with mum and discuss what I would need to make a cushion (fabric, thread, and a cushion inner) we ordered the bits and bobs and waited for it to arrive. When it arrived I went straight to my grandmas house and together we made a cushion.

I felt so so proud of myself when I had completed it. Not only did it get me out of bed for the day, it always made me feel a lot happier inside. I was also proud that I had the attention and dedication to sit down for a few hours and complete something. Once I had made that one I was so eager to make another!


What do you like most about Crabbs Crafts?

All of the lovely support and comments I get from people. And the fact it has made me speak openly about my mental health issues. People are always asking ‘why did I start sewing?’ And now I am more than happy to tell them why. I just LOVE Crabb’s Crafts!


What is your most popular product?

This question is hard to answer, as I’m not sure. I keep expanding onto new ideas. I made a range of items, and everything seems to sell well. I would say that bunting would be my most popular.


If you had to choose one product that was your favourite to make, which would it be?

This is a hard question too, as I sew and do crafty things.

My favourite product to sew would be a cushion, as you have to spend a lot of time cutting out the fabrics and making sure that they all match nicely. I also sew zips into my cushions to make it easy for washing. I was super proud when I first sewn a zip into a cushion, as they are very difficult and you have to use a different foot on your sewing machine.

My favourite product to make using my crafty things is definitely family scrabble frames. I love trying to fit all the words together. And they always look so lovely and simple.


If you had to give advice to somebody that was starting a new hobby what would it be?

My advice would be to make a few examples and just to keep practising. Also to have lots of stock so you can experiment using different items.


Thank you so much Ellie, for your brilliant answers. 


Ellie also makes cushions, bunting, family tag frames, scrabble frames, baby sensory taggies, tooth fairy cushions, hello world frames, birth frames, memo boards, hair clips, peg bags.. anything really – if you have an idea that you think Ellie would like to make, you can contact her via her Facebook page “Crabbs Crafts“.

Here are some examples of her amazing work:




Baby Sensory Taggies – This is one of my favourite products that Ellie has made. The floral pattern is absolutely gorgeous & would make such a lovely present. These are just £10 and can be made with a fabric of your choice.





Tooth Fairy cushion – This is another of my favourites, these would make a lovely gift and It would look lovely in a little girl’s bedroom. These can also be made with an initial on them too. These are just £5 with your choice of fabric.







Birth frames – How lovely is this! I love the details on this frame, it is so personal and would add such a lovely touch to your little ones nursery. These frames are just £10 and are made to order.



Childrens Book Cushions – This is a cushion that was made to order, Ellie asked me for some inspiration so I gave her the idea of a ‘children’s book cushion’. My daughter absolutely loves story time before bed, I always get Alyssia’s pj’s and a book ready for after she gets out of the bath. With a cushion like this I thought that it would make bedtimes a little bit more exciting where they can go and see which book is in their cushion for tonight’s bedtime story. These lovely book cushions are priced at just £12.50 and are made with a fabric of your choice.



Family Tag Frames –  I love these personalised frames, with a passion! They are stunning and would add such a lovely touch to your hallway or living room. These lovely family frames are priced at just £10 and can be made in different colours, different logos & different names. You can also add to the amount of family members there are for a small charge.






Personalised Bunting –  This one is priced at just £12.50. Bunting ranges from £12.50 – £15 which I think is a very good price. I personally think that it always looks good in children’s bedrooms.




Scrabble frames – I love these and have tried to make them myself but haven’t been successful which again is where Ellie comes to the rescue. If you would like one of these & just don’t have the time or patience, I would definitely recommend asking Ellie. These frames come in 3 different sizes and are priced at just £10 for a small frame (6×6) £12.50 for a medium frame (8×8) and just £15 for a large frame (12×12).

Peg Bags – These are always useful and can be personalised with a name, these can also be used as a school bag for PE kits or spare clothes.


Isn’t her work just fantastic? Follow her on facebook now.

Everything that is sold by Crabbs Craft’s can be made to order for girls or boys, if you see a nice pink cushion that you would like made in blue – feel free to send Ellie a message.

Overall you really can’t fault Crabb’s Crafts, the customer service is fantastic, the products themselves are amazing and you can really see how much love, effort, time & dedication that goes into making these products. If you are looking for nursery decor for your little ones nursery or something with a personal touch to fit your home, then you’ve come to the right place. The hampers that she does are incredible, they are always jam packed with goodies and the pricing of all her products are so reasonable.

Ellie hold’s giveaways over on her facebook page quite often, we all love a giveaway so it is definitely worth going over and giving her page a little bit of love. Whether that’s a like, a share or even purchasing something yourself.

If you do purchase something from Ellie’s page after reading this post, please do comment and let me know. I would love to see what you have bought.


Thanks for reading,

Zoe x


This is day 2 of the 7 day blogging challenge, I was tagged by the lovely Becca. I tag: Gee, Jessica, Gem, and I also anybody who hasn’t already done it.

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