Fathers Day Gift Guide 2018

With Fathers Day being just a week away, I thought it was about time I uploaded a quick gift guide into what I think the men in your life might like. Everybody says that men are quite hard to buy for but I actually disagree, the men in my life seem to be pretty easy to buy for – My dad loves his shed so I always try and go for something that will come in handy, he’s not a alcohol drinker but does love a big cup of coffee. My Grandad is happy with anything, I usually go for something funny like a bag of cheese savouries and a pair of socks because I know it’s something that he loves but wouldn’t necessarily buy all the time and Rob, well he’s a big kid at heart – absolutely loves his games, loves to lounge around & also loves a big cup of coffee and probably the cheese savouries too actually..

  1. First up on my list is a Suit from Dobell, it’s probably not something you’ll need to buy again once you’ve got it. With wedding season coming in it certainly comes in handy to have one and not be faffing around a day before you’re due to go to a special occasion. It’s also a great gift if you’ve got business men in your life because they always like to look smart. You could also check out the range of summer suits available at Suitsmen.
  2. Hand in hand with looking smart, you can’t go wrong with a brand new Wilkinson Sword Razor. With shock absorbing technology, these always seem to be flying off the shelves at christmas etc so why not grab a bargain and stock up. Currently on offer for just £6 in Tesco.
  3. A new phone case, are you after something a little more original or do you like a funky design? With Caseapp you can upload your own images, create your own design or choose from their ready made collection. They do cases with both a Matte and Glossy finish in which are both great quality. They retail at around £19.99 each but I am running a giveaway over on my instagram where I have shared a discount code & where of course you can enter to win one for yourself (or the man in your life).
  4. One thing I have found over the years is that men like to keep things pretty simple, hand them 3 bottles of shampoo and they’ll only use one of them. Hand them an all-in-one like Deborah Mitchell’s Shave, Shampoo, Shower and they’ll be well away.
  5. A new pair of pants. You can’t really go wrong with a new pair of Levis Trunks can you. Not only are they up there with the higher branded trunks but they are great quality and look pretty comfy too.
  6. Last but not least, something funny like Miracle Snoring Cure Spray because well, what could possibly go wrong? Also Gift cards are a good shout if you’re unsure of what to buy the man in your life, even if its just a Costa card.

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