Finding the balance with a Mummy & Daughter Movie Night

As a mum who works from home, I often find myself trying to juggle between my work and my personal life. As I have said before, I work on the blog when Alyssia naps & again in the evening once she has gone to bed but sometimes I am behind schedule & have to meet certain deadlines and this means that sometimes I have to stick her in front of the telly for half an hour with some snacks in order for me to be able to get sh#t done. But that’s okay, we all do it, right?

I recently got paid & treated myself to a new blog theme so I’ve been quite busy trying to get all of that up and running as well as running around after a toddler and replying to emails. But somewhere along the line we have got to find a balance, I love routine, I love to be organised & I like the thought of having my sh*t together. But today I did something out of the ordinary, after a busy morning on the blog trying to understand HTML codes and reading up about “that thread” you know what I’m talking about, the bitchy Mumsnet thread.. I decided to take a break. Rob was home from work, Alyssia was pulling all the nappies out of the nappy drawer and there was wet wipes everywhere, you know the situation right? So I shut the lid of my laptop, put my phone on charge in the other room & sat down to watch a Disney film with Alyssia, Tangled to be precise – one of our absolute faves.

Alyssia had been hyper all morning, and I have noticed that she has started to be ‘naughty’ (pulling nappies out of the nappy drawer, throwing things on the floor, you know the drill) when she’s bored & wants attention. It was at that moment that I realised, I’m not paying enough attention to her, she wants me, she wants me to spend some time with her. How had I not realised this? Why was I so focused on working that I had let her get to this point?

Ugh, mum guilt! But anyway, we stuck a DVD on & sat watching Tangled whilst eating popcorn, what a brilliant end to a stressful day. And to make things even better, this popcorn was ‘Organix sweet cinnamon’ healthy, yummy & autumnal.. winning! Alyssia absolutely loved it & demolished the whole packet within seconds so there’s another toddler snack we will be continuing to buy, they’re just £2 in the supermarkets for a pack of 4. Although she didn’t sit quietly for the whole film, the moments we had together just sitting on the sofa cuddling were what made me realise that I need to do this more. Mummy & Daughter time is so so important & it’s clear to me now that she wants that too. Its nice to be behind the camera, it’s nice to have your sh#t together but it’s also nice just to sit down and cuddle your little one without worrying about everybody else.

*this post was written last week.


1 thought on “Finding the balance with a Mummy & Daughter Movie Night

  • I love these posts, but you have got it all together, as you say it comes with time. When we were little , mum and dad always spent time with us, going to the park, up the woods, or just playing in the garden. And when dad was on shifts we use to be allowed stay up to spend some time with him, when he came home from work before we went to bed. Its just that little bit time makes all the difference. I worked for us. xxx

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