First Impressions on the JayceeBaby Playmat

When Alyssia was a baby we had a pretty little pink play mat, it looked nice, it had toys hanging down that she couldn’t reach and it wasn’t great for tummy time as it wasn’t very thick and with us not having carpet, it probably wasn’t very comfortable for her at all though she enjoyed it now and again. This time around I told myself we wouldn’t buy a play mat like that again and that we would look for something thicker and something a little more colourful that our baby would be able to recognise. With our second baby’s arrival rapidly approaching, I thought now was the perfect time to look at getting a play mat. That’s when I found the JayceeBaby Playmat, a play mat of dreams not only suitable for newborn babies but for toddlers and older siblings too!

First Impressions

When the playmat first arrived, I was shocked at the size of it. It is huge, (100x150cm) definetely not your average sized play mat but this is just one of many aspects that make it so unique. It’s so big that it could potentially replace your living room rug on a day time.. However, this makes it a safer space for your baby to play and roll around. The playmat is 5cm thick and super comfy may I add, the first thing me and Alyssia did when it arrived was roll it out and have a lie down. Alyssia has also been using it as a soft landing for when she is running around and I just love the excitement that comes with it. The playmat is double sided with one side aimed more at younger babies with a softer side and sensory activities including a mirror, and the other side aimed more at toddlers and beyond with a land setting including illustrations of animals, people, and transport etc making it a more educational mat and giving your child the chance to get creative with their imagination.

I love how bright and colourful it is and love that it also comes with a wipeable plastic cover, this is ideal if you have a toddler who is prone to spilling drinks or if you just want to protect the mat from getting dirty. However, regardless of whether or not you decide to use the plastic cover (which can also be used for messy play by the way) the mat is water resistant on both sides so it’s super easy to clean unlike the playmat we had with Alyssia, and the fabric cover is also machine washable. It would be perfect for outdoor use in the summer, if you’re planning on having a family bbq out on the patio why not take the JayceeBaby playmat along with you for your little ones.

Baby Side:

Toddler Side:

What makes the JayceeBaby Playmat so unique?

  • Double Sided.
  • Baby Side – full of bright colours & perfect for sensory play.
  • Toddler side – encourages speech & imaginative play.
  • Suitable for baby & toddlers – It grows with your baby.
  • 5cm thick so perfectly safe for your little ones.
  • Machine washable making your life so much easier.
  • Removable Plastic Cover for messy play / snack time.
  • Easy to move around, it comes with a carry strap.
  • Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor play.


Is it worth the money?

Yes definetely, I do think it is worth the money. Retailing at Β£65 I think it’s the perfect playmat to buy for your little ones. It will last you years as it grows with your children. It can be used for so many things, and already Alyssia has really enjoyed playing with both sides of the mat. She enjoyed the textures on the baby side, e.g the crinkly butterfly and the sensory play mirror where she tells herself she’s beautiful (oh I love her).. She also really enjoyed playing with the toddler side guessing the animals & pushing her toy cars along the roads, she seems to enjoy lying down on it and says it’s really comfy, she even wanted to eat her lunch on it (which was totally fine, thanks to the wipeable plastic cover). I really would recommend getting the JayceeBaby playmat if you have small children, you can buy the playmat here for Β£65.

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